Sports Center

A wide variety of sports, extensive accommodation, close to the campus, wide opening hours, and a lot of fun


The student golf association of the Sports Center, Under Par, is inactive at the moment.

Students can now play golf for a special price at Prise d'Eau Golf Club in Tilburg.

History of Golf

For centuries, golf has sparked many an argument between the Dutch and the Scots, both of whom claim to have invented the game. The truth is now lost in the mists of time, although some people (who just happen to be Dutch) contend that the first ever game of 'colf' was played at Castle Kronenberg, near Loenen aan de Vecht, on December 26, 1297. Two teams, each of four players, met on this occasion to commemorate Floris V, Count of Holland and Zeeland, who had been brutally murdered the previous year. Golf then went on to develop and evolve over the centuries, and continues to do so today.