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Horseriding is yet another sport to which your sports membership provides access. You are entitled to receive attractive discounts on lessons and on the hire of a suitable mount (the 'ten ride card') at a local stable.


Tilburg's student horseriding society is known as Cave ne Cadas , which is Latin for 'mind you don't fall off!' It was founded in 1980 and now has some thirty enthusiastic members.


Cave ne Cadas offers a number of options for horse riding practice. Every Monday at 20.00u you're able to join the advanced student dressage class. Also, once a month, you are able to join a jumping class! The costs for these student dressage clasess are € 14,50 (jumping € 18,50), but as a student sports membership holder you have a discount of € 2,50 per class which can increase to € 6,50 per class!

These classes are only open to advanced horse riders (walk, trot and gallop). We also have private classes for students who wish to reach this level or learn how to ride. A private beginner's class costs     € 28,00. E-mail us today if you are interested, then you can always come and take a look around and join in as soon as you’re ready.

Course Yes
Training Yes
Competition Yes
Association Cave ne Cadas
Location ’t Zandeind Horseriding Center, Riel
NB If coming for the first time, it is preferable to contact Cave ne Cadas beforehand.
Required Basic tack is available for beginners. Eventually, you will be expected to purchase your own.
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