Sports Center

A wide variety of sports, extensive accommodation, close to the campus, wide opening hours, and a lot of fun


The Sports Center caters for everyone from beginners to competition standard players (3rd division), with training courses at three different levels. There is also ample opportunity to play unsupervised, especially during the day, but you must reserve the court at the front desk.

Level 3

This level covers the various basic aspects such as footwork, position, how to hold the racket and the required wrist action for the various strokes. The program also includes actual games played against an opponent.

Level 2

This level is for competition players of 4th division district standard, recreational division, or equivalent. You should be familiar with all the basic strokes, tactics (especially with regard to doubles play), and all attack and defence situations.

Level 1

This is the highest level. In addition to perfecting technique, we shall also devote considerable attention to tactics and extensive practice in the advanced strokes such as the dummy smash-drop, the flick serve and the drive. The program also includes circuit and speed training.

Course No
Training Yes
Register Yes, for level 2 and level 3
Competitie Yes
Association Sauron
Location Sports Center
Required Sports clothing, clean sports shoes (trainers)
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