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Pilates is a training method for body and mind. It was developed by Joseph Pilates who had been a 'delicate' youth, frequently suffering from poor health in childhood. He therefore experimented with various forms of sport and yoga in an attempt to strengthen his body.

Pilates exercises help to develop all muscle groups in balance. Regular practice will help to improve your posture, increase muscle tone and strength, increase flexibility (particularly of the trunk and lower back) and improve coordination. Your breathing and lung capacity will also improve.


Pilates is suitable for practically everyone, regardless of age or gender. People with injuries or physical restrictions can also benefit, as can those who are perhaps carrying a little too much weight in all the wrong places. Pilates exercises are designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles. You will soon find yourself in far better overall shape.

Course No
Training Yes
Competition No
Register Yes
Association No
Location Hall 4
Required Sports clothing, clean sports shoes (trainers)
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