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Qi Gong

Qigong (pronounced 'chi gung') is an ancient Chinese classical tradition that is practiced to maintain and improve physical and mental health.

Qigong exercises are mainly individual exercises involving movement of parts of the body according to a predetermined pattern, and several repetitions of these movements before moving on to the next movement. Qigong exercises can also be static, where a standing or seated position is held for longer. There is also a lot of emphasis on breathing exercises.

Repeated movements and correct breathing are believed to have a positive effect on the Qi (life energy) flow through the body. Every part of the body (with an emphasis on internal organs) is believed to have a certain amount of Qi. The Qi in all parts of the body, when they are healthy, are in balance. Qigong exercises are performed to maintain or restore this balance.

Course No
Training Yes
Competition No
Location Sports Center
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