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  • 19 Jan 2018News

    First inaugural address at JADS Den Bosch by Maurits Kaptein
    Maurits Kaptein, professor of Data Science & Health at Tilburg University, was the first who gave an inaugural address at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) in the city of Den Bosch. The ceremony took place in the Mariënburg chapel in the presence of many colleagues, local authorities, family and friends last January 12th. Read more

  • 15 Jan 2018Press release

    Children find it easier to lie to robots
    PRESS RELEASE - 15 January 22017 PhD candidate Mariana Serras Pereira’s research into misleading and deceptive behavior among children reveals that body language is very telling, and that children find it easier to lie to robots than to human beings. They laugh more often when lying, they are more fidgety, and they tend to avoid eye contact. There are also differences in their speech patterns: they pause less often between sentences and they pronounce words more slowly.
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  • 09 Jan 2018News

    New Education and Self-Study Center is called Cube
    President of the Executive Board Koen Becking yesterday revealed the name of the new education and self-study center: Cube. The interpretation of the name is left up to everybody’s personal imagination: “That way the building comes to life.” Read more

  • 05 Jan 2018Press release

    Hugo Reumkens appointed Chair of the Tilburg University Board of Governors
    Persbericht 28 december 2017 - Lawyer Hugo Reumkens (Tilburg, 1969) has been appointed Chairperson of the Tilburg University Board of Governors as of 1 January 2018. Reumkens is a partner at the renowned Amsterdam law firm Van Doorne, which advises leading Dutch and international companies, financial service providers, the semi-public sector and governmental institutions. The firm also fulfills the role of Government attorney.
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  • 02 Jan 2018Direct link

    Claudia Carvalho: ISIS returnees will bring new risks in 2018
    Claudia Carvalho, a PhD researcher at Tilburg University who is an expert on terrorism in Spain, outlines the key threats posed by ISIS returnees in the Asia times. Read more

  • 22 Dec 2017News

    Xmas Speech Jantine Schuit: Together Shaping the Future of TSB
    Jantine Schuit, Dean TSB, looks back and ahead after hundred days in office. At the TSB Christmas Drinks on 21 December, Jantine presented her findings based on the many talks she had with the management of all departments and many individual staff members. Furthermore, she summarizes the Strategic Plan 2018-2021 of the School. Read more

  • 22 Dec 2017News

    ‘Reflect on and speak about religion'
    Professor Marcel Poorthuis on his book '25 Centuries Theology'

    The most frequently googled search terms are Christian holidays such as Easter and Pentecost. Now most Dutch people are familiar with the meaning of Christmas, but how is it generally with the knowledge of religion and theology? Does our individualistic, supposedly secular society still need theology? And can theology develop even further? The end of the year and on the brink of a new offer time for reflection. Professor of theology Marcel Poorthuis states that theology is alive and kicking, and even calls it exciting. Earlier this year his monumental textbook 25 centuries of Theology was published, which he compiled with philosopher Laurens ten Kate and forty other authors.
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  • 22 Dec 2017News

    Good intentions for 2018? No alcohol for example...
    Rob Bovens of Tranzo researches the effects of the Dutch IkPas campaign (IPass/IQuit), in which participants do not drink alcohol for a while. Read more

  • 18 Dec 2017News

    The diversity and splendor of language and culture
    Language is the ideal connector of people and knowledge, and culture is the mold in which language is cast. Consider: what are the conventions and how do we interact with each other? On December 6, the Language and Culture Afternoon demonstrated how thorny and “bad” language can be and how perplexing, glorious, and diverse culture is. Read more

  • 14 Dec 2017Press release

    Paulina Snijders appointed Vice-President of the Executive Board
    Press Release 14-12-2017 The Executive Board has appointed Paulina Snijders Vice-President and member of the Executive Board as of February 15, 2018. Snijders is currently Director of Control and Compliance at the Erasmus Medical Center and a member of the Supervisory Board of Bernhoven Hospital. As Vice-President of the Executive Board at Tilburg University she will be responsible for the Operational Management Portfolio.
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