News and Events

News and Events

  • 23 Feb 2015Press release

    First Witteveen Memorial Fellowship awarded to Michiel Bot
    The first Witteveen Memorial Fellowship on Law and Humanities, for which Tilburg University received more than 60 applications, has been awarded to Michiel Bot. Bot, who holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from New York University and master’s degrees in Law, Philosophy, and Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam and who currently is a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities, Bard College (US). Read more

  • 23 Feb 2015Press release

    Investors biased against foreign-sounding names
    A fund manager by the name of Mustafa gets 10% less investments than a fund manager by the name of John. Investors tend to buy less stocks from funds managed by people with foreign-sounding names, even though their performance is the same. That is the conclusion of a study by Tilburg University Professor Oliver Spalt and two colleagues from Mannheim and Miami. “Discrimination matters in financial markets”, states Spalt. Read more

  • 20 Feb 2015News

    SURF Security Award 2015 for Tilburg University ICT staff
    ICT manager Jeffeny Hoogervorst of Library and IT Services has won the SURF Security Award 2015, which is presented annually to a person, initiative, or idea that contributes substantively to the collective security of the SURF target group. According to the jury, Jeffeny Hoogervorst has made an exceptional contribution to software security in the fields of Dutch higher education and research. His Tilburg colleague Teun Nijssen received a lifetime achievement award because of his great commitment to ICT security in education and research. Read more

  • 19 Feb 2015Press release

    International Criminal Court not biased against Africa
    The International Criminal Court (ICC) has been heavily criticized for its selection of situations and cases to investigate; it allegedly focuses too much on African countries. On the basis of empirical data researchers of Tilburg University and VU Amsterdam have concluded that this criticism is unfounded. They analyzed which countries witnessed the worst human rights violations over a period of ten years and compared these to the situations investigated by the ICC. The ICC turns out to have indeed focused on the gravest situations within its jurisdictional reach. Read more

  • 18 Feb 2015Press release

    Three million euros to boost the quality of automatic translation
    Tilburg Center for Cognition and Communication (TiCC) and its partners have won a European grant worth three million euros to develop IT pattern recognition systems for the improvement of automatic translation. Read more

  • 12 Feb 2015News

    Students get unique insight in European financial world
    A study trip for Master’s students of professor Sylvester Eijffinger's Seminar Financial Economics appeared to coincide with the European Central Bank’s announcement on Quantitative Easing. Read more

  • 11 Feb 2015News

    Professor Jonathan Verschuuren, has been awarded a two year global fellowship
    Professor of International and European Environmental Law, Jonathan Verschuuren, has been awarded a two year global fellowship under the EU's Horizon 2020 Marie Curie programme. The fellowship allows Jonathan to do research abroad (at the Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law at the University of Sydney) and at Tilburg University on climate smart agriculture (CSA). Read more

  • 11 Feb 2015Press release

    Statelessness increases risk of exploitation and trafficking
    Statelessness increases risk factors that influence the likelihood to fall victim to trafficking, such as lack of education and the ability to deal with a sudden crisis. A combination of risk factors may push stateless people to decide to migrate and take risks to be able to do so. These are conclusions from new research by Tilburg University into the relationship between statelessness and human trafficking in Thailand. Read more

  • 10 Feb 2015News

    Lans Bovenberg most influential Dutch economist
    Professor of Economics Lans Bovenberg remains the most influential Dutch economist in the recently published so-called ‘Polderparade 2014’, a ranking of the fourty Dutch and Flemish economists who had the most citations in Dutch and Flemish journals. Labour economist Ronald Dekker (ReflecT) is the highest newcomer in the ranking, with a 17th place. Read more

  • 09 Feb 2015News

    Renovated Zwijsen Building reopened by Koen Becking

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