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News and Events Tilburg University

  • 23 Nov 2015News

    Tilburg University professors sign calling for closing coal plants

  • 16 Nov 2015Press release

    Consumer prefers name-brand over store-brand products through lack of information
    PRESS RELEASE 9-11-2015 - When people purchase painkillers for a headache, but also when they buy salt or sugar, they opt for brand-name products, even if there are cheaper store-brand products with the same composition. This can be explained by a lack of information and product knowledge. This was shown by a large-scale study in the United States by the Tilburg economist Bart Bronnenberg and colleagues of the University of Chicago, published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics..

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  • 16 Nov 2015News

    A minute of silence

  • 13 Nov 2015Press release

    Three new winners claim UNHCR Award for best research on statelessness in 2015
    Tilburg University and UNHCR have honoured three student researchers from universities in the USA, Norway and Netherlands for the Best Research on Statelessness in 2015. Read more

  • 12 Nov 2015News

    Crowdfunding Digital Monument
    What is freedom to you? What choice will you make when your freedom and that of others is at stake? What makes a choice right? Which values determine the choices you make? These questions about freedom were a matter of life and death for Tilburg's students during the Second World War.

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  • 12 Nov 2015Direct link

    Ran Xing: Liquidity Management Of Hedge Funds Around The 2008 Financial Crisis

  • 09 Nov 2015Press release

    Behavioral economics applied to new pension contracts: shock-resistant and tailor-made
    PRESS RELEASE 11-09-2015 - The optimal new pension contract can and must take into account people’s need for certainty and the possibility to spread the risk of financial setbacks out over time. Servaas van Bilsen argues this in his PhD thesis, Essays on Intertemporal Consumption and Portfolio Choice, which he defended at Tilburg University on November 4. Read more

  • 09 Nov 2015Press release

    Mobile phones and mobile money play major role in fighting human trafficking
    To fight human trafficking, EU and African crime prevention agencies should work together with mobile telephone operators to counter the use of mobile devices for smuggling, trafficking and illegal financial transactions. This recommendation for the EU-Africa Valletta Conference on Migration on the 11th and 12th of November in Malta, is drawn up in a report by Professor of International Relations, Innovation and Care, Mirjam van Reisen (Tilburg University) and Professor Tim Unwin (Unesco Chair in ICTs for Development), together with senior UN officials and human rights, trafficking and ICT experts.

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  • 05 Nov 2015News

    Renmin University (China) and Tilburg University strengthen academic collaborations
    President Chen Yulu (Renmin University) and Koen Becking (Tilburg University) signed a new Memorandum of Understanding to broaden and deepen the existing relationship between both universities on 21 October 2015 in Beijing. An Erasmus Plus contract was signed to formalize the partnership in the Erasmus Plus program. The program funds mobility of students and staff between both universities. Read more

  • 02 Nov 2015Press release

    Keuzegids Universities 2016: Nine Tilburg University Bachelors rank #1
    Nine Tilburg University Bachelor’s programs have been ranked as the best in their field. This was shown by the rankings in the Keuzegids Universities 2016, published on Monday, in which the quality of the Dutch academic Bachelor’s programs is compared and assessed. The Keuzegids rankings are largely based on student ratings as part of the National Student Survey (NSE). Among the fourteen Dutch research universities, Tilburg University now occupied the fourth position in the ranking of the best Bachelor’s programs. In 2015, we were sixth and in 2014 in ninth position. Read more

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