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News and Events Tilburg University

  • 14 Oct 2016News

    Stellenbosch and Tilburg University sign agreement on master program global governance
    Tilburg University and Stellenbosch University (South Africa) launched a global governance network; it will offer a joint Global Masters’ in Public Governance. This global master program will focus on complex problem solving in governance issues that transcend national boundaries. The agreement was signed last week in Cape Town. Tilburg University announced also it will provide two scholarships per year for Stellenbosch University for exchange to Tilburg. Read more

  • 13 Oct 2016News

    Borghouts-van de Pas wins German award for PhD thesis on job-to-job transitions
    Irmgard Borghouts-van de Pas, Senior Researcher at ReflecT/Tilburg Law School, has won the annual Science Award of the German Stiftung Bildung und Beschäftigung for her 2012 PhD thesis, a comparative study of employment security systems in European countries. The award will be presented in Berlin on November 18. Read more

  • 10 Oct 2016Direct link

    Ico Maly: Is Donald Trump a 'dangerous clown'?
    In this first article on "Trump's Message", Ico Maly analyzes the negative messaging of the adversaries of Donald Trump. He argues that the framing of Trump as a clown makes us blind to the power of his message. Read more

  • 07 Oct 2016News

    89th Dies Natalis - ‘Are We Relevant? Challenges of the Digital Revolution’
    On November 17, 2016, we celebrate the university's 89th anniversary (from 15:30 hrs.) The theme of this year’s Dies Natalis is ‘Are We Relevant? Challenges of the Digital Revolution’. Read more

  • 07 Oct 2016News

    Aart de Zeeuw in Science
    In the most recent edition of Science (Oct. 7, 2016) features an article co-authored by Aart de Zeeuw: ‘Social norms as solutions. Policies may influence large-scale behavioral tipping’, by K. Nyborg et al. Read more

  • 04 Oct 2016Press release

    Green car taxes: Lower CO2 emissions
    PRESS RELEASE 3-10-2016 - 12% of the total CO2 emissions in the EU is caused by private cars. Therefore the EU pursues an active policy to reduce these CO2 emissions by means of green car taxes, stimulating the purchase of cleaner cars. Consumers react to higher taxes by trading their ‘polluting’ gasoline-powered vehicles for ‘cleaner’ (i.e., less CO2-emitting) diesel-powered cars. However, this will possibly lead to more particulate matter emissions. Read more

  • 03 Oct 2016News

    Tilburg law students launch podcast covering global legal issues
    A group of students from Tilburg's Global Law Program have launched Nomosphone, a new podcast series focused on current global legal issues. From migration to international crime, climate change to global trade, the podcast covers it all. Read more

  • 29 Sep 2016Press release

    TiSEM ranks 11th in THE World Universities Subject Ranking’s Business and Economics
    Press Release 29-9-2016 - Tilburg University is ranking 11th in the Times Higher Education World Subject Ranking in the field of economics & business. Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) is thus the best Dutch School in this discipline. With renowned universities like Harvard and Stanford in the US and Oxford and Cambridge in England, TiSEM belongs to the best schools of economics in the world. Tilburg University has a sound international outlook as well as an excellent reputation in both teaching and research among scientists worldwide. Read more

  • 29 Sep 2016Press release

    Tilburg University rises to third position in Elsevier’s best universities ranking
    Press Release 29-9-2016 - In Elsevier ranking of best Dutch universities, Tilburg University is now in third position among the thirteen Dutch universities, based on the satisfaction of Bachelor’s students. Last year, we ranked fifth. The students have also ranked four Bachelor’s and six Master’s programs at Tilburg University as the best of their kind. Read more

  • 28 Sep 2016Direct link

    CFO Survey: Political uncertainty at home and abroad affects operations
    Domestic political uncertainty puts business expenditure and employment under pressure. For instance, 60% of European companies have become more cautious. The struggle between Trump and Clinton also creates extra uncertainty for the investment plans of European companies. These are a few business results from CFO Survey Europe, carried out by TIAS School for Business and Society (Tilburg, NL) and Duke University (North Carolina, US). Read more