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News and Events Tilburg University

  • 14 Sep 2017Press release

    International cooperation crucial to save lion populations
    PRESS RELEASE 14 September 2017 - Lions belong to the world’s most charismatic megafauna. However, lion numbers and range have declined alarmingly over the last two decades. To turn the tide, international cooperation is crucial, says a team of lawyers, conservation biologists and social scientists. Read more

  • 11 Sep 2017News

    Fellowship Marianne van Woerkom at NIAS
    Marianne van Woerkom (dept. HRS) has been awarded a fellowship at the Nederlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS-KNAW) in Amsterdam. This fellowship is partly sponsored by NSvP (Nederlandse Stichting voor Psychotechniek). Read more

  • 11 Sep 2017Press release

    Tilburg University researchers receive grants worth 4.5 million from European Research Council
    PRESS RELEASE 11 September 2017 – Three talented researchers of Tilburg University have each been awarded a Starting Grant of 1.5 million euros for their research by the European Research Council (ERC). The grants have been awarded to Dr. Mark Brandt and Dr. Joris Mulder of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Dr. Linnet Taylor of Tilburg Law School. Read more

  • 08 Sep 2017News

    Opening Academic Year 2017: Question, search, know, connect, collaborate and change!
    The opening of the 2017/18 academic year had a clear theme: Link! Connect! The main objective of this: creating impact and being accountable to society – as an academic institution, as an organizational unit, as an individual. This is why the ninety-year old university chose the slogan Connecting people and knowledge for this anniversary year. Read more

  • 07 Sep 2017News

    Koen Lavrijssen wins Best Entrepreneurial Student Initiative (BESI) Award
    Koen Lavrijssen is the winner of the annual BESI (Best Entrepreneurial Student Initiative) Award 2017. The award was presented for the second time on September 4, 2017, during the Opening of the Academic Year. Read more

  • 31 Aug 2017Press release

    Opening of the Academic Year: Taking Responsibility in a Connected World
    September 4th 16.00 hrs
    - PRESS RELEASE - The theme of the Opening of the 2017-2108 Academic Year, the year of our 90th anniversary, is 'Taking Responsibility in a Connected World'. Keynote speakers are professor of Clinical Neuropsychology at the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Professor Margriet M. Sitskoorn, and President of the Executive Board Dr. Koen M. Becking. The ceremony will take place on Monday, September 4, in the auditorium of the university.
    Read more

  • 31 Aug 2017Press release

    The oldest human does not get any older
    PRESS RELEASE 31 August 2017 - On average, people live longer, but the very oldest among us have not gotten any older over the last thirty years. This is shown by forthcoming statistical research conducted by statisticians Jesson Einmahl MSc and Professor John Einmahl of Tilburg University, and Professor Emeritus Laurens de Haan of Erasmus University Rotterdam. They base their conclusion on precise ages at death of 75,000 Dutch people who died in the last 30 years at the age of at least 94. Read more

  • 22 Aug 2017Direct link

    In Washington Post: PhD research Claudia Carvalho on jihadism in Catalonia

  • 18 Aug 2017Direct link

    Alina Balta (INTERVICT): Ruling ICC on destruction cultural heritage Mali by jihadists sends strong warning
    Jailing a Malian jihadist for destroying cultural heritage sends a strong warning that that such crimes will not go unpunished and reparations will aim to alleviate lasting imprints. That's the reatcion of INTERVICT's researcher Alina Balta to the verdict of the International Criminal Court. Read more

  • 14 Aug 2017News

    Sonja Bekker awarded EU funding as Jean Monnet Chair
    Sonja Bekker (Tilburg Law School - ReflecT) has been named Jean Monnet Chair on European Social Policy and Employment Relations (ESPERO) by the European Commission to teach what current social challenges are, but also how the EU can integrate in these fields, assessing the different modes of law & governance in terms of effectiveness and legitimacy. Read more