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Nostalgia and utopia in science fiction and fantasy

Night Talk: When Marty McFly time-traveled from 1985 to 1955 in the sci-fi movie Back to the Future, he discovered an American Golden Age that perfectly encapsulated Reagan’s neo-conservative political agenda. Today, with Donald Trump in the White House, the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ expresses the same kind of cultural sensibility. But at the same time, we are seeing popular science fiction, from Star Wars to The Hunger Games, adopt a more critical approach.

In this lecture, media scholar and science fiction expert Dan Hassler-Forest (Utrecht University) elucidates the political roles of popular culture with a wide variety of familiar examples.

Language: English

Organization: Night University

Location: Warande Z1

When: 16 November 2017 20:00

End date: 16 November 2017 20:45