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Masterclass + FREE drinks at Grand Café Esplanade

AI has become an increasingly hot topic that a lot of us still might not know a lot about. This lecture offers students a great opportunity to get an overview of the possibilities and advantages that this technology brings, legal issues that come with it and how we should deal with the drawbacks, such as the dangers of misuse of private information.

We hope that this lecture encourages discussion about the current challenges posed by AI in the home and how we can take control over what the future of the private space looks like.

The guest speakers of this masterclass are Professor Leenes and Ph.D. student Silvia De Conca, who are the co-authors of the recent study “Artificial Intelligence and Privacy - AI enters the house through the cloud”. Prof. Leenes is a professor of regulation technology at Tilburg University. He specializes in the legal aspects of privacy and does deliberate research on regulations of newly emerging technologies. Prof. Leenes is also involved in several different projects such as LAYLA, Delta G, Access to Justice and other.

The second guest speaker, Silvia De Conca, is a Ph.D. student at Tilburg Law School. She has some firsthand experience in Corporate, International Business Contract and Energy Law, having worked as a legal trainee at Dewey & LeBeuf LLP (Rome) for three years. Currently, Silvia specializes in the legal aspects of Artificial agents such as robots and AI and conducts research on the topics of data protection and privacy.

After the lecture there will be room for an informal discussion at the Grand Cafè Esplanade with drinks!

The event is free and open to everyone!

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When: 19 February 2019 15:00

End date: 19 February 2019 17:00