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Stress and Burn-out among Students *

According to the World Health Organisation, stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century. Our modern lives, though full of opportunity, have made us anxious and stressed about work, finances, or relationships. How do you acknowledge your stress and start to reverse its presence and impact on your life? (language: English)

Program information
Date Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Time 18:45- 21:30 hrs
Location CZ 9, Cobbenhagen building, Tilburg University
Admission free admission
Speaker Jan Derksen (Professor of Psychodynamic Therapy), Ivan Nyklicek (Associate Professor of Medical and Clinical Psychology) and Judith Noordzij (burn-out coach).
Organization Study Association Complex and Academic Forum
Contact Luc Jeurissen
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Chronic stress

While a stress response is a normal function for our bodies and we definitely do need it in certain circumstances, being constantly stressed is not healthy and it's making us sick. Although burn-out can be difficult to define and diagnose, it is widely accepted as being chronic stress resulting in physical and mental exhaustion and breakdown, frequently accompanied by alienation from workplace activities and reduced performance. Numerous factors cause chronic stress: unmanageable workloads, unrealistic expectations, ambiguity about roles, low job satisfaction and personal accomplishment, lack of recognition, an unhealthy work-life balance and workplace harassment.

Change of lifestyle

By acknowledging your stress, you can start to reverse its presence and impact on your life. There are a number of techniques you can implement to reduce stress and improve your health, and it starts with making a commitment to changing your lifestyle.


  • Jan Derksen, Professor of Psychodynamic Therapy (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and Associate Professor of Behavioural Science, Institute & Clinical Psychology (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)
  • Ivan Nyklicek, Associate Professor of Medical and Clinical Psychology (Tilburg University)
  • Judith Noordzij,  burn-out coach

This event is organized by Study Association Complex and Academic Forum.

When: 26 February 2019 18:45

End date: 26 February 2019 21:30