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TSHD Career Day 2019

TSHD Career Day 2019

The Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences considers it important that you orientate on your future career. The annual Career Day offers this possibility. On Tuesday, March 12th, 2019, the next edition will take place. The program is organized by the Tilburg School of Humanities in close cooperation with its student associations: Animo, Extra Muros, Flow and Sapientia Ludenda. 

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  • Participation in the career orientation session, including alumni speakers. See tabs below for info on hosts and alumni per study. 
  • Possibility to network, gain information, and to have a bite. All Alumni, ULT, TSHD Career Services, AIESEC, Integrand, and UniPartners will have their own booth to visit.
  • Benefit from participation in a workshop or case study: important for your preparation on the labor market.
  • A professional LinkedIn photo and closing drink.

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Career Day Program - 12 March 2019
16:45 - 17:45 hrs. Career Orientation Session (per program)
Communication and Information Sciences (BDM, NMD, C&C)
Communication and Information Sciences (CSAI, HAIT) and DS&S
Culture Studies / Online Culture
Liberal Arts and Sciences
17:45 - 18:45 hrs. Meet & Eat
18:45 - 20:45 hrs. Workshop or case study
20:45 - 21:30 hrs. Closing drink

Career Orientation Session - Communication and Information Sciences (BDM, NMD, C&C)


Marjolijn Antheunis

Professor of Communication and Technology at Tilburg University


Shannon Bakker

My name's Shannon Bakker, I am a journalist at and the permanent editor of the section NUcheckt. This is a column in which we try to combat untruths on social media, or elsewhere in the media. I followed the bachelor CIS at Tilburg University, my specialization was Text and Communication (currently Communication and Cognition) and my minor consisted of HAIT (Human Aspects of Information Technology, this track was replaced by the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence track) courses. After my bachelor's, I moved to Leiden to follow the master's in Journalism and New Media and followed a minor in Programming. These were both very useful when I started my career in journalism, because I started as a data journalist.

Bas Willems

In my role as Marketing Director, I am responsible for generating interest and new leads for our B2B software product in Europe, including e.g. product positioning, competitor analysis, branding and maintaining and building analyst relationships. Studied CIS at the University of Tilburg and rowed at TSR Vidar. In love with my 6-month old daughter Loren and wife Angie.

Femke de Bruijn

While I followed my master’s in BDM (I did the CIS bachelor), it was time to orientate myself on the labor market. After an internship at an e-mail marketing company, I knew for sure: I wanted to focus on marketing and communications! I have been working at Filmding for 2.5 years as an account manager and marketing specialist. Filmding is a video marketing and production company with a creative and driven team. We make both videos and animations, which contribute to the marketing objectives of our customers.

Career Orientation Session - Communication and Information Sciences (CSAI, HAIT) and DS&S


Marie Postma

Associate Professor


Arjen Traas

Data Scientist at Infiniot B.V.

Jeroen Bijman

Consultant data analytics atj Deloitte Risk Advisory

I first studied Business IT & Management in Alkmaar before I moved to Tilburg. When I started in September 2016 for the pre-Master Communication and Information Sciences, I already knew that I wanted to follow the master specialization Data Science: Business and Governance. While I was finalizing my thesis, I focused for my next goal; I wanted to be a consultant at Deloitte. I joined Deloitte in March 2018 and I was involved in some interesting projects at various clients since then.
For example, I was involved in a project where we assessed transit times for strategic decision making, and I am currently working on collecting, processing, and testing the quality of data for the
development of a credit risk model.

3rd alumnus to be announced soon

Career Orientation Session - Philosophy


Bert van de Ven

Assistant Professor Business Ethics at Tilburg University


Rutger Beijaard 

Docent filosofie en pedagogiek bij Fontys Hogescholen
Heeft een NWO promotiebeurs voor leraren ontvangen

Yvette Drissen 

PhD candidate at Tilburg University
"When Success Becomes the New Normal: The Competitive Society and its Symptoms"

Jiska van der Velden 

Traineeship Gemeente Midden-Delfland

"Samen met inwoners een mooie samenleving creëren is wat mij drijft als trainee bij de gemeente. Dit doe ik door vol enthousiasme, energie en met een kritische blik aan de slag te gaan met de uitdagingen en vraagstukken die er liggen."

Career Orientation Session - Culture Studies / Online Culture


William Arfman



Teun van Irsel

"I work as advisor at Kunstloc Brabant, the organisation behind the execution of cultural policies within Noord-Brabant. I advise individuals and institutions on their business management, financing and marketing. Aside from that, I'm the project leader of a number of experimental projects of the province, for which I provide wanted -- and unwanted -- advice."

Patrice Matthee

"I am convinced that Art and Culture make the world a little bit nicer. As advisor in the area of cultural education and as a creator of theater, I contribute to this belief. I also work as a coordinator of performing arts within primary education. I also have my own company;"  

Nathan de Groot

"Nathan de Groot works as host, trainer and facilitator. He also gives PowerPoint Karaoke workshops and he's an editor for De Speld. He's a culture studies alumnus from Tilburg University and one of the founders of Study Association Animo!" 

Career Orientation Session - Liberal Arts and Sciences


Ellen Dreezens

Lecturer University College Tilburg


To be announced soon

Workshop ‘Stress Management’

By drs. Aafke Seebregts - Psychologist, ACT-therapist and -trainer.                 

As a student you can easily experience a lot of stress. Deadlines, exams, balancing your academic life with your social life, adjusting to a new environment/city/country, financial burdens, and so on. While a mild amount of stress is useful and acts as a motivation, too much stress can interfere with your daily life.

In this workshop you will find out more about a down-to-earth, mindfulness-based method for overcoming stress through explanation, metaphors, exercises and humor. You will get important tips and you’ll immediately can start to put new strategies into practice. 

Workshop ‘Personal Branding & Networking’

By Tamar Jonkman - Career Coach and - Trainer, Career Counselor        

You already know yourself and what kind of job you are looking for. But how do you translate this to the labour market? How do you stand out from the crowd? This is what personal branding is about. In this interactive workshop you will learn about personal branding: what it is, why it is important and how you can create yours. The next step is to present your brand on the labor market, for example during networking sessions, speed dates, visiting career events, etc.  Therefore we will also focus on this aspect during the workshop. Practicing your elevator pitch will also be part of that.

Workshop 'Talent Check'

By drs. Annebeth Schudel - Career Coach and - Trainer, Career Counselor                 

When looking for a job or internship, you can distinguish 4 steps: self-reflection, orientation, preparation & application. Self-reflection is about:

  • who am I?
  • what am I good at?
  • what do I want in the future?
  • what do I find important?
  • how do I find out about my interests?

In this 2-hour interactive workshop, we will focus on the first two of these questions: who are and what are you good at?  Why is it important to have an answer to these questions? If you do what you like and what you’re good at, you’re most likely to be successful in it. In this workshop you will identify your qualities and strengths and learn how to discuss them. This for example you can use in a job interview. In this workshop you will also learn how your qualities relate to others.

Workshop 'LinkedIn & CV'

By Chantal van Erp RL – Career Coach and –Trainer, Career Counselor                      

In this workshop both creating your LinkedIn-profile as well as your CV will be discussed in an interactive way. What information should be included and how, and what not to include?  You will find out the answers to these questions during this workshop, and practice using your own profile and resume. Further we way pay attention to questions such as: how to use LinkedIn in a professional way? Or how do you make the right impression with your personal profile and use it to showcase your skills and specialisms? You will get some concrete tips from the trainer and your peers. You will also learn how to use LinkedIn to look for a job or internship, find and connect with interesting companies and people, and become an active member of a group.

Case Study 'Crisis Communication'

Case Study ‘Crisis Communication’ by the Municipality of Tilburg            

The issue we are going to discuss, is chroom-6. About 2.5 years ago a former employee from the municipality of Tilburg asked if it could be possible that his illness was the result of his labor at the tROM-project. He asked this, since various media had reported on chroom-6 on trains of the NS. People that participated in the tROM-project polished trains in order to fix them up so that they could be displayed at the Spoorwegmuseum.

 And it was this question that marked the starting point of a process of 2.5 years in which the most important thing was that no stone was left unturned: did the trains contain chroom-6, how were the working conditions, who was responsible for what, and so on. An independent committee, CTC-6, asked the RIVM to research the matter.

 The results from that investigation were presented by the chairman of the committee on January the 31st. On Wednesday February 6th, the municipality and the NS presented a concept package of measures. All parties that were involved in this matter were given the opportunity to speak their minds in a meeting of the local council on Monday February 11th. During this evening, they could voice their opinions on the concept package.

February 18th there was a debate in the local council which resulted in the establishment of the package of measures.

In this specific case, you could speak of a slow crisis, in which we have been talking to involved parties for 2.5 years.

The related issues we will address in small student groups during this session:

 1) Some of the 800 people involved are (former) employees of the municipality of Tilburg. In various media (especially on social media) there were terms used for these people, that exceeded all decency. How can you influence the image that (social)media portrayed of these people?

 2) The package of measures contains various components. People involved and media mostly talk about one of those components: the 7000 euro’s that everyone receives. But the package contains so much more (sickness benefit, support in material and intangible form if needed, and so on). How do we get in the limelight that the settlement indeed (as a number of experts in the country have said) is very generous?

 3) A few days prior to the debate in the local council, an involved alderman announced his departure: after 9 years of being alderman in Tilburg he found a new job. Some people now suggest his departure is a direct result from the chroom-6 file. What do you suggest we can do in this particular situation?

4) A dilemma: in the paper and political debate, an example of one of the people involved is being used. It is a sad story that touches people’s hearts. As a spokesperson, you know the case and you know the story portrayed is not accurate. This story dominates conversations and perception. What do you do?

 5) Another dilemma: some of the people involved aren’t fluent in the Dutch language. How far do you go in supporting these people as far as communication goes?

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Case Study ‘Algorithms behind Spotify’

Case Study ‘Algorithms behind Spotify’ by LiveWall

LiveWall is a digitally, creative company, specialized in developing innovative online concepts, products and projects. They try to activate, inspire and connect people. LiveWall works for the nicest and best brands. As a case study we will focus on the algorithms behind Spotify; what can we do with this data to create more engagement and content, and what can be done to personalize the experience? 

More information

Case Study ‘How to plan and execute a live TV broadcast’

Case Study ‘how to plan and execute a live TV broadcast’ by Argus

Argus Productions is an all-round media company originating from the area of live sports TV.

They are involved in big broadcasts like Fox Sports, NOS and Talpa on a weekly basis.

The case study will focus on how to manage a team of employees and divide their roles in the context of a live broadcast: students will learn how to plan and execute live TV broadcasts. Students will be separated into two groups; a Festival and a Football group. They will then be asked to plan a live broadcast of each event from the ground up with a prescribed budget. They will have to decide which crew members they want to hire and how many, as well as have to make choices regarding camera types, the amount of cameras, positioning of cameras, etc.

More information

“Dominating the TV world with your talent? It's possible within Argus!"

When: 12 March 2019 16:45

End date: 12 March 2019 21:30