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Vrienden van Cobbenhagen Lecture

Vrienden van Cobbenhagen Lecture by Dani Rodrik (Harvard Kennedy School), Scholarship & Prize

Video Review

Through this link you are directed to the complete recordings of the Fiends of Cobbenhagen Lecture by professor Dani Rodrik on the rights and wrongs of economics, preceded by an introduction by professor Sylvester Eijffinger.

After the lecture two prizes were awarded for the best Bachelor's and Master's thesis 2016: a scholarship of 10,000 euros was awarded to Pearl of Lonkhuizen (TSB) and a Prize of 5,000 euros was awarded to Suzanne Hendricksen (TLS).

Read the report by Univers.

About the Vrienden van Cobbenhagen

The ‘Vrienden van Cobbenhagen’ (Friends of Cobbenhagen) is an alumni association consisting of a group of very committed and prominent alumni of our university. They share their knowledge and expertise through events with top speakers from both their own network and beyond. Members of this network hold top management positions in various organizations, like Baker&McKensey, CZ, Palace of Justice, CSU, Randstad Holding, Shell, ING, Rabobank, Eneco, Louwers Lawyers, Essent, Building Blocks, Philips, Deloitte, VZG and many other organizations.

These alumni would like to introduce master and honors program students to their network, and cordially invite them to their annual Vrienden van Cobbenhagen Lecture. This is an exclusive opportunity for master students only to meet some of the university’s most successful alumni and obtain valuable contacts, and we would like to extend this exclusive invitation to you, an honors program student.

Join the Vrienden van Cobbenhagen for a speed date with these alumni, a lecture by Harvard professor Dani Rodrik (Professor of International Political Economy at the Harvard School of Social Science) and for a free luxurious network reception, which will all take place in and around the Auditorium on January 18, 2017.

Dani Rodrik

Professor Rodrik of Harvard Kennedy has conducted theoretical and empirical research in the field of international economics, economic growth and political economy. He is the author of 'The Globalization Paradox' and 'Economics Rules: the rights and wrongs of dismal science', both very influential publications.

When: 18 January 2017 13:00

End date: 18 January 2017 18:00

Where: Cobbenhagen building