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  • 06 Jul 2015News

    Commission invites Rianne Letschert for independent counsel in setting up Scientific Advice Mechanism
    The European Commission has announced that Prof. Rianne Letschert (Director of INTERVICT, Tilburg University and Chair of the Dutch Royal Young Academy of Sciences), Sir David King (former UK Chief Scientific Advisor), and António Vitorino (former European Commissioner) will assist the Commission in selecting members of the High Level Group of the new Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM). Read more

  • 06 Jul 2015News

    Tilburg University brings science and society together in Tilburg Cobbenhagen Center
    Tilburg University has established the Tilburg Cobbenhagen Center to reflect on the meaning of religion, law, economics, and responsibility in our late-modern society. Research projects will be set up with partners within university and society, and activities for employees, students, and other stakeholders will be organized. On Friday, July 3, 2015, in its last meeting in this academic year, the Tilburg University Council approved the establishment of the Tilburg Cobbenhagen Center.
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  • 06 Jul 2015News

    PhD candidate raises enough money to kick off research 'Right to education'
    Within a few months PhD candidate Marieke Hopman has raised enough money to start the first stage of her research into the right to education. A total of 169 donors granted € 20,459, a little more than the € 20,000 needed. Read more

  • 03 Jul 2015News

    Six Research Talent grants for PhD research at Tilburg University
    The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded Tilburg University with six Research Talent (Onderzoekstalent) grants. Research Talent grants offer excellent students within the social and behavioral sciences the opportunity to fulfill their ambitions to conduct PhD research. Read more

  • 03 Jul 2015Press release

    University College Tilburg established
    On July 3, Tilburg University announced that it is transforming its top-ranked Bachelor’s program in Liberal Arts and Sciences into a full-fledged University College. The first students will be welcomed to University College Tilburg on September 1, 2016. The internationally oriented University College Tilburg will feature a curriculum taught entirely in English. The college will reflect Tilburg University’s profile as a specialist university focused on people and society.

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  • 03 Jul 2015Direct link

    Dutch Universities and SAGE reach agreement on open access

  • 30 Jun 2015Press release

    Research center TiCC receives third grant for robo-journalism research in six months
    Researchers Martijn Goudbeek and Emiel Krahmer from the Tilburg center for Cognition and Communication (TiCC) were awarded an NWO Open Competition grant for their project on the influence of emotion on language production. In this project, two PhD researchers will study how different emotions impact the words and phrases that speakers use.

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  • 26 Jun 2015Press release

    Tilburg student better prepared for future through new educational approach
    More small-scale education, more flexibility, and more personal coaching

    Tilburg University’s new education profile reflects the need for more attention for and appreciation of education. In years to come, students at Tilburg University will develop the knowledge and skills required by modern-day society: through education that breaks the mold of lectures-and-seminars and through more small-scale education, offering more flexibility in the curriculum to accommodate a semester abroad or at a different School or university and building an e-portfolio with a view to the labor market.

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  • 25 Jun 2015Press release

    Model of democracy should match societal culture
    Societal culture matters in shaping political institutions of democracy. There is no ‘best model’ of democracy, but societies should opt for the best compatible model. That is what Ammar Maleki argues in his PhD thesis which he will defend at Tilburg University on June 30th. Read more

  • 24 Jun 2015Direct link

    German language encourages practice of sustainable business more than English language does
    How languages differentiate between the present and the future affects companies' engagement in sustainable business practices. The more limited the differentiation between the present and the future, the more attention that is paid to sustainable business practices. Companies with English as their working language have less sustainable business practices than companies where German is spoken. Read more

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