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Student team Tilburg University wins the Fujifilm Future Challenge

In the Fujifilm Future Challenge students were asked to develop innovative and sustainable products based on the use of Fujifilm technologies and expertise. Twenty-two students, divided over six teams, participated in the final last Thursday. In addition to the team from Tilburg University, there was one team from Eindhoven University of Technology and four from the Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Last September the students visited Fujifilm’s Open Innovation Hub in Tilburg and learned about Fujifilm technologies. Then they got down to working on their new business idea.  The students were given access to Fujifilm technological experts and were coached by their University on how to generate, develop and validate their new business ideas. James Small, Scientific Director of the Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship, coached the Tilburg University team. The Tilburg University team consisted of four students from four different Masters programs: Wei Zhong (Information Management), Gregory Papatsoris (Marketing Analytics), Matthijs Bookelmann (Strategic Management) and Albert Arutiunian (On exchange from the Higher School of Economics Moscow, Master of Science in Finance).

The final of the Fujifilm Future Challenge was held on Thursday, December 15, at the Fujifilm Open Innovation Hub in Tilburg. During the final students presented or “pitched”  their product ideas and business model. The Tilburg University team came up with the idea of developing an innovative, non-harmful, sustainable and removable tattoo ink using Fujifilm (the world’s largest photographic and imaging company) technologies.

The jury, led by Mike Dingemans (Director New Business, Research & Development at Fujifilm), choose the Tilburg University team as the winner. The team received praise for their thorough research, originality and for the completeness of their solution. They received the Future Challenge Award 2016 and won an all-expense-paid trip to Barcelona in March, where they get to present their business idea to the Fujifilm European top management. If the winning idea is adopted by Fujifilm they may have the possibility of working for a year at Fujifilm to further develop their innovative idea.