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Report of the Academic Integrity Committee Hol

24 February 2017

Following an inquiry into the PhD theses completed and defended under the supervision of an academic against whom an official complaint has been made on the grounds of suspected misappropriation of funds, the ad-hoc Academic Integrity Committee under the chairmanship of Professor A.M. Hol has arrived at the following.

  1. No evidence of academic misconduct has been discovered in connection with the PhDs completed under the supervision of the individual in question. The Committee sees no direct relationship between the alleged financial irregularities and the academic content of the PhD research carried out. The relevant PhD committees were correctly established and there is nothing to indicate a lack of integrity with regard to the assessment of these PhD theses.
  2. The theses examined within the scope of the inquiry have been found to be variable in quality but all of them meet the minimum requirements imposed by the sector for admission to the PhD defense. The Committee’s findings give no reason to doubt the grounds upon which these doctorates were awarded.
  3. The Committee regards as questionable the procedure followed by the supervisor in these cases, in the sense that too much emphasis was placed on quantity at the expense of the desired academic quality. Such an approach is open to interpretation as “questionable research practice”. The possibly unlawful and inefficient deployment of external support and PhD supervision, whether paid or unpaid, also merits condemnation.

Read more about the report of the Executive Board on suspicions of financial fraud, 17 February 2017. 

For further information, please contact Prof. A.M. Hol via Tineke Bennema at or call 06 19678521.