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Matthijs Nelemans appointed Professor of Financial Law Enforcement

Tilburg University has appointed Matthijs Nelemans as Professor of Financial Law Enforcement at Tilburg Law School's Department of Criminal Law. Nelemans specialises in financial (criminal) law and its enforcement by regulatory authorities and the public prosecutor.

Nelemans' research will focus on the regulation of misconduct in financial and economic dealings and the enforcement of financial law (both criminal and regulatory enforcement).  Particular focus will be on how insider trading, market manipulation and other forms of market abuse in the financial sector can be countered effectively and with due care.

Accordingly, Nelemans' research will complement ongoing research within the department on anti-money laundering rules and financial sanctions. This position has been created at a time when authorities at home and abroad are paying more attention to financial and economic offenses, in particular to alleged misconduct with an international reach, such as recently to trading behaviour in the foreign-exchange markets.

Matthijs Nelemans (1977, Utrecht) studied law (University of Utrecht, 2003) and business economics (University of Amsterdam, 2003). He successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the regulation of market manipulation at the University of Tilburg in 2007 ("Het verbod van marktmanipulatie", Deventer: Kluwer 2007). He received the Modderman Prize for this thesis in 2008. Nelemans has been a guest researcher at Harvard Law School and Columbia Law School. He currently practises law at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek in Amsterdam. He is a special contributor to the Dutch journal Jurisprudentie Onderneming & Recht (JOR).

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