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Honorary University Professor title bestowed on Professor Ernst Hirsch Ballin

PRESS RELEASE 18 November 2016 - During this year’s Dies Natalis, Professor Ernst Hirsch Ballin was appointed as Honorary University Professor because of his exceptional track record in the field of teaching and research. The appointment is an honorary title, but carries such privileges as more time to conduct (interdisciplinary) research.

Ernst Hirsch Ballin (1950) is Professor of Dutch and European Law at Tilburg University. Ever since 1981, when he became Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law here, the University of Tilburg has been his academic home ground.

He served as Minister of Justice (1989-1994 and 2006-2010) and as Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (2010). He continues to be involved in the practice of development of law as a member of counseling bodies like the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy and the Advisory Council on International Affairs. In 2005, Hirsch Ballin was elected as a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Development of law as contributing to the trust between people and states has always been central to his work. He wants to extend the insight into the meaning of law and the rule of law for a free and peaceful society. Hirsch Ballin is the first professor at Tilburg University to receive this honorary title.

Rector Magnificus Emile Aarts: “Tilburg University has appointed Ernst Hirsch Ballin because of his outstanding achievements in his academic work as well as for his social commitment to human dignity, social justice, and the rule of law that enable people to live together in peace and liberty. We are proud to count him among the ranks of our distinguished faculty.”