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Presentation of Mixed Reality Lab

Press release, October 5, 2015--On October 2, the DAF Technology Lab was officially presented by the Tilburg University Executive Board in the presence of DAF Trucks president Harrie Schippers. The lab offers special opportunities for immersive education, innovative research, and corporate partnerships.

The lab enables students to explore and study the world around them in virtual reality. Psychology students can get inside the brain to see how it operates, law students can present their case in a virtual courtroom, economics students practice their negotiation skills, and communications students see how complicated data can be visualized. The lab can accommodate a group of 15 to 20 students. The lab offers students the unique opportunity to work together in a virtual environment.

Financial and other corporate interest

The Tilburg lab is also unique because it combines expertise in the behavioral sciences with the technological possibilities of a mixed reality lab. As a result, the lab has aroused the interest of the business community. It can serve as an experimentation platform for small and medium-sized as well as large enterprises in the region by further intensifying the cooperation with the local knowledge institutions.

Moreover, the lab has received a grant through the OPZuid program (European Innovation program for the southern Netherlands) that invests in the Smart Industry project CAMPIONE. As part of this project, the DAF Technology Lab is used for simulation trainings and to explore whether the success of a particular training can be predicted. To this end, sensing technologies are used to monitor test subjects’ heart rate, eye movements, and speed of speech, among other things. The Tilburg University behavioral scientists have unique expertise to analyse these data.

The lab was set up by Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence Max Louwerse of the Tilburg Center for Cognition and Communication (TiCC) at Tilburg University. The DAF Technology Lab was made possible through a contribution by the PACCAR Foundation, a philanthropic foundation affiliated to DAF Trucks NV’s parent company.

Note to editors

More information on DAF Technoloy Lab: see website. For more information on the DAF Technology Lab, please contact spokesperson Tineke Bennema, via e-mail or phone: 06 – 1967 8521.