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Selection procedure and ranking International Business Administration and Economics

You have applied for a program with a Numerus Fixus. On our page about Numerus Fixus programs, you can read more about how this procedure works in general, and which steps to take next.

On this page, we explain in more detail how your application was assessed.

Evaluating your application

The selection committee of the School of Economics and Management places great importance on getting the right student in the right place. Each application was therefore evaluated carefully before a ranking number was allocated.

When assessing an application for our programs, we look at both your academic capabilities and qualities, as well as your softer skills such as your drive, motivation and international experience. Each element was thoroughly evaluated and assigned a sub-score. Sub-scores were added up to achieve one overall score for each application, which in turn resulted in a specific place on the ranking list.

The final position of every candidate on the ranking list therefore depends on the quality of the application on its own, but also in relation to the quality of the other applications for this program.

Academic capabilities

For all candidates, overall grade point average was reviewed, however, greater stress was placed on two subjects: English and mathematics. It is important that candidates have sufficient English language skills as well as math skills, in order to be successful in our programs.

Your English proficiency level was assessed based on the English language courses you have taken in your previous education, whether you have taken any additional courses to improve your English language skills, whether you received all your education in English or not, and, if applicable, the English language test you submitted (IETLS / TOEFL / Cambridge).

To evaluate your mathematics proficiency, we looked at the level of mathematics you took in your previous education, as well as the amount of hours you have taken mathematics and your overall achieved grade in this subject.

Motivation letter & CV

In order to determine whether you will be a good fit for the program, whether you will contribute to the class and how motivated you are to join the program of your choice, we have asked you to submit a motivation letter, and you could choose to submit a CV as well. These personal documents give a vital insight into who you are and are therefore essential in the evaluation process. On top of that, it is a great way to showcase your level of English proficiency. Since it was not mandatory to submit a CV, no points were deducted if you only submitted a motivation letter.

On our website, a clear guideline is given as to what we expect from the motivation letter, in the form of questions you were requested to answer. Each element of the motivation letter was reviewed and scored.

When assessing your motivation letter, extra attention was paid to the elements specified in that guideline. A few examples: your extracurricular activities gave us an insight into the skills you acquired and where your interests lie. Your description of what you hope to learn during the program tells us whether you have done background research about the program, whether you are intrinsically motivated to join this program, and gives an indication of whether you will be successful in the program.

By describing your experiences in an international setting, you could show us any relevant existing international experience, how you handled yourself in a setting unfamiliar to you, and your capacity for self-reflection. We do not expect everyone who applies for IBA or Economics to have traveled already: an international experience can therefore also be an encounter with a Japanese exchange student in your elementary school or an insight you gained from an online interaction with someone from Germany, for instance. But even if you don’t have existing international experience: we look for students who are interested in this, and who will actively contribute to and benefit from the international class room in our Bachelor’s programs.

Your letter as a whole showed us your capabilities of expressing yourself, your ambitions, and your ability to get a point across in a quick and concise manner.

Place on the ranking

All sub-scores added together lead to a final score for each student who applied for a Numerus Fixus program. The higher the score, the higher your place on the ranking list. Your place on the ranking is therefore relative to the other applicants of this year.

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