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Make the most of Cognitive Science and Artifical Intelligence

At Tilburg University, you can hone your skills through a range of extracurricular activities and opportunities within Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence or outside the classroom.

You can, for example, participate in our exciting and challenging on top programs, or take an internship and gain work experience in your field of interest.  Through our international focus you could have an unforgettable experience when going on exchange for six months. You can also broaden your horizon by following workshops or trainings, or by becoming an active member in a study association.


When your ambition reaches beyond the Netherlands, we offer you in the third year of your bachelor’s Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence multiple options. You could follow courses at an exchange university or do your traineeship or your bachelor’s thesis abroad.

If you would like to go abroad, you can use the exchange network of Tilburg University. We have an extensive network with university’s in Europe and outside of Europe, including South-Africa, The United States of America and Australia. Within Tilburg there are multiple options for study grands to meet some of the expenses of an exchange.

Programs of excellence

Are you looking for an additional dimension to your Bachelor's studies? Then you can widen your academic horizon in one of the Tilburg University programs of excellence. The Honors Program and the Outreaching Program offer challenging and inspiring education. Develop yourself, deepen your interests, and get to know other disciplines. It is the ideal way to show more of yourself.

Honors Program

If you are interested in an even greater intellectual challenge, or in a chance to broaden your scientific knowledge, you will have the opportunity to take part in the Discourses on Europe / Honors Program. This is a supplementary program consisting of eight courses, four of which you can choose yourself. The program leads to a Tilburg University Honors Certificate in addition to your Bachelor's degree.

Outreaching Honors Program

Do you want to make a difference within society, both nationally and internationally? Then the Outreaching Honors Program is definitely something for you! This program will help you to understand society from more perspectives than just your own field of study. You will develop skills that will be essential after your studies but that cannot be taught in a classroom. During your second and third year, you will learn how to implement scientific knowledge of present-day themes. You will be challenged to gain international experience, and you will be prepared for a top career in society. In this way, you will develop yourself as a leader of the future.

Additional courses and workshops

Language vouchers & exchange opportunities

All bachelor students receive free language course vouchers worth a total of 12 ECTS. These vouchers allow you to attend language courses two language courses worth 6 ECTS each, or one language course worth 12 ECTS each at the Language Center. Courses include Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, German, French, English and Dutch. Your ability to speak another language will be invaluable on an international exchange semester - not to mention in any future career.

Training courses & workshops

Besides your regular curriculum, you can enhance your skills with a variety of courses and workshops offered by the Student Desk or additional training courses offered by Career Services. Some of these are "How to find a job in The Netherlands (for non-Dutch students)", a Linkedin workshop, an Intercultural Communication workshop, amongst others.

Study associations

For many students the study associations are a big part of their studies. You could join formal (symposia, congresses), but also a lot of informal activities (drinks, study trips) organized by your study association. You will meet many new people and gain important knowledge. You could become active within the study association or simply use the facilities that are offered by the study associations. Within your study Cognitive Science and artificial Intelligence you can become a member of the student association Flow. They have many contacts with the business community. As a member you could for instance join business trips.

Tilburg University Summer School

Tilburg University Summer School: your perfect start in Tilburg. Before starting your studies in September, you will have the opportunity to take interesting and intensive high-quality courses combined with a fun-packed social program to discover the Dutch culture and the city of Tilburg.

Make the most of your summer

  • You gain academic advantage and improve your language skills by following one of the many language courses.
  • You can start your academic career by getting familiar with Dutch culture and exploring student life in Tilburg.
  • You will meet new people from all over the world.
  • You can use your language vouchers to finance the biggest part of your Dutch, English, Spanish or Chinese summer course.
  • By participating in these courses, you can obtain official credits (2 to 8 ECTS).
  • You can participate in our Summer School now or later, it is also open for students of our university!
Summer School student Maria Alejandra Arévalo

Student Maria Alejandra Arévalo, Colombia

“A fascinating way to improve my learning experience.”

Do you want to learn Dutch or improve your English? Or have you always wanted to learn Spanish or Chinese? Then follow one of our language courses! For students who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s program, it is also possible to attend the other courses offered by the Summer School. If you want to deepen your knowledge in a particular domain, you can follow a thematic course in the field of Economics, Law, Management & Organization and Psychology.

Social program

Besides first-rate interactive courses, Tilburg University Summer School includes a fun packed social program offering you a large number of activities, such as city trips, sports, diners and parties. During the social program you have the opportunity to get to know students from different countries and cultures. Develop your intercultural skills and start to create your international network during this amazing summer experience

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