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Data scientist Menno Zevenbergen

Data Scientist Menno Zevenbergen

Menno talks about his work as Head of Labs at Greenhouse Group

"I think the Data Science program has been brilliantly designed. If I could choose again, I would opt for a data-related Bachelor’s program to learn as much as I possibly could."

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What’s your job?

Currently I’m Head of Labs at Greenhouse Group, an umbrella organization for innovation-driven and trendsetting companies in digital marketing. At Labs we investigate the potential impact of new and exponentially growing technologies, such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, on digital marketing. And about two days a week I’m also actively involved in data science projects to develop new tech products.

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What do you like about your job?

I’m very curious, I always think ahead and I like variety. That’s why discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship greatly appeal to me, and my job offers all three. Right now, for example, it’s really cool to help create the foundations of a new data science product, or to explore how we can develop chatbot products for our clients.

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How did you come to work at Greenhouse Group / Blue Mango?

In 2011, when I was close to graduating, I was looking for a part-time job, a serious one. I’m really interested in consumer behavior and I have a head for math, so a match with digital marketing to make consumer behavior measurable was the obvious next step. Blue Mango is part of Greenhouse Groups and they were looking for a working student who knew about data. We got to talking and I started out as a data scientist for three days a week. After I year I had earned enough money to travel around the world. I had made a deliberate choice to work in data science and that’s why after my journey I returned to the roost. I find the mix of data, technology and marketing truly fascinating!

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Which program did you do at university?

I took the Quantitative Marketing Research Master’s program. My Bachelor was in Business Economics, which I supplemented with electives in Econometrics.

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How do you benefit from your university education in your job?

I think it’s cool that I’m still in touch with my professors. That way, I still have access to expert knowledge. We do research together and I can contact them with any questions I have.

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How could your university curriculum have helped you to become an even better data scientist?

I did learn the basics of statistics and marketing, but I could have done with learning about new technologies and programming. That’s why I think the Data Science program has been brilliantly designed: it meets this need.

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If there had been a Bachelor’s program in Data Science when you were a student, would you have taken it?

If I had had the choice, I would have opted for a data-related Bachelor’s program to learn as much as I possibly could, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Econometrics. For my Master’s, I would definitely have gone for Data Science & Entrepreneurship in ’s-Hertogenbosch

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What’s your advice to future students?

We’re often told to go for what we enjoy doing. I do believe that’s true, but I would also urge future students to go for what they have a talent for.

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