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Interview Olivier Spinnler

“When talking to some friends about their universities, I discovered the Bachelor of Data Science and fell in love with it. After that, it did not take me a long time to decide. Data Science is the future.”

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  • Nationality: French
  • Bachelor's program: Data Science
  • Started in: 2016
  • Extracurricular activities: Yoga, Boxing, Student Gaming Association Zephyr
  • High school diploma: Baccalauréat Général Français scientifique, spécialisation physique
  • Languages: Italian, French, and English

Did you always know what you wanted to do?

When I came out of high school, I had absolutely no idea what to do with my life. People tell you to get a job, study, or explore the world. I started out doing a few years of medical school in France before realizing it was not my thing. When talking to some friends about their universities, I discovered the Bachelor I am currently doing and fell in love with it. After that, it did not take me a long time to decide. Data Science is the future.

Why did you choose to study abroad, and how did you decide to study in the Netherlands?

I grew up in the Netherlands so I already knew the country quite well. Yet, each province has its own charm and Noord-Brabant has plenty of it. I am discovering another facet of this tiny country!

What is it like to study completely in English, together with international students? Was the transition from high school difficult?

The Dutch/English educational system is completely different from the French system. It requires you to be versatile and quickly adapt yourself to new problems that you have never encountered in your high school years. But this really depends on your educational, cultural background and your choice of program.

What is your favorite subject? And what sort of teaching styles do you encounter in your program?

My favourite subject is statistics. I really got to know the power of numbers and their growing implications in everyday life. You will love and hate teachers. They all have their own style of teaching: some are strict, some are relaxed… too much so sometimes. You will experience what teaching style works best for you

What do you like most about studying at Tilburg University?

The campus is absolutely stunning, lots of girls, and the parties are great. Study-wise I have no nothing to complain about!

Would you recommend studying abroad to a student who might never have thought about it before?

Studying abroad is a whole new life experience. You will get acquainted with a culture that certainly differs from your country of origin. If you feel adventurous but not enough to leave Europe, I can guarantee that you will love Dutch student life!

What sort of student is a great fit for Data Science? And who is absolutely not?

You will spend a lot of time working with numbers, doing graphs, coding/programming, looking up tutorials and explanations on the internet. If you like to work with physical objects or like to write political/philosophical essays, I strongly advise you to choose a different program. This program is a mix of mathematics and programming.

Do your studies take a lot of time? Do you have any time for activities besides your studies?

I do have time to undertake activities besides my studies (see my above-mentioned hobbies and extra-curricular activities), but studying takes a lot of time and thinking. You will not be able to party, do activities, and study unless you are really well-organized.

Do you have any advice for prospective students considering this program, or studying at Tilburg University?

Get a good computer because you will be using it a lot. This means that all the hardware surrounding it will be extremely useful too (mouse, protective cover, etc). Studying at Tilburg’s University is awesome so if you decide to study here, you are in for a good time!

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