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What our students and alumni say about Econometrics and Operations Research

Why did our students choose Econometrics and Operations Research at Tilburg University? What is student life in Tilburg really like? Are the courses difficult? Our students and alumni are more than happy to share their experiences with you. What do they think of Econometrics and Operations Research and their studies at Tilburg University?

Lara Raffaella Iglesias Masenlle

Lara Raffaella Iglesias Masenlle, student

"I really like how students and professors interact with each other at Tilburg University. Professors are friendly and understanding and there is always somebody you can ask for help if you run into problems."

Read Lara Raffaella's story and ask her your questions about Econometrics and Operations Research

foto Julia Klimaszewska

Student Julia Klimaszewska

"Econometrics and Operations Research is a bachelor program that will challenge you, but in a very rewarding way. It has a great reputation and represents outstanding quality of education."

EOR studente Felice Isabelle Tan

Student Felice Isabelle Tan

"I did not know much about economics, but I always wanted to learn more about it. That is how I decided to study this program: curious to learn something new and at the same time applying the mathematics that I enjoy."

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