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Why study BSc Econometrics and Operations Research in Tilburg?

Are you good at mathematics and are you interested in economics and business? Then the Bachelor’s program in Econometrics and Operations Research is exactly what you are looking for!

Some types of problems are too complicated to be solved without mathematics. In this program, you will learn how to use mathematical models to describe and analyze everyday problems that arise in business and in the public sector, and how to find the most optimal solutions to these problems.

One example of such problems is the issue of pension contributions in which many factors, such as demographic and financial data, come together. An econometrist has the key task of keeping track of these factors and coming up with the ideal solution for all parties.

Become an optimization specialist

Econometrists work at, for instance, distribution centers and transport hubs. Imagine the time and effort that goes into buying, selling and distributing items at Amazon. The company must make optimal use of the space in the distribution center, while making sure the customers get their items as quickly as possible. Without mathematics to help this logistic process, it would be chaos. This is where the skills of an econometrist come in. An econometrist formulates mathematical and statistical models and applies them to realize the most effective solutions. These are rare skills that are in high demand on the job market.

Top-ranked Dutch program in econometrics

The curriculum of Econometrics and Operations Research is built on areas of expertise in which Tilburg University excels: quantitative finance, operations research, quantitative logistics, mathematical economics, and econometric methods. These strengths are also reflected in international rankings. In fact, Tilburg University is ranked among the top for Economics and Econometrics (QS ranking, 2017). Therefore, studying econometrics at Tilburg University means taking your first steps towards a successful career.