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What our students and alumni say about Economics

Why did our students choose Economics at Tilburg University? What is student life in Tilburg really like? Are the courses difficult? Our students and alumni are more than happy to share their experiences with you. What do they think of Economics and their studies at Tilburg University?

foto Victor Digues Lacerda

Student Victor Digues Lacerda

"In an era of change in the way we tackle and understand economic issues, Tilburg University sits at the top of this revolution enabling students with the tools necessary to drive this change and enabling them with a better way of understanding society in the 21st century."

Student Menghui Liu

Alumna Menghui Liu

Alumnus Oscar Rivera currently works in Technology Investment Banking

"A big differentiator is how the program combines Tilburg's strong research-orientation with a focus on solving actual Economic problems. After the program I could apply Economic frameworks to understand a simple market or why Google is a $360 billion company."

Student Economie Ying Ying He

Student Ying Ying He

"The only thing you need to do now is to ask yourself honestly: among all the candidate programs, which one best matches my own interest and helps me most to achieve my personal dream?. If the goal is still shadowy somewhere, instead, you could consider: which ‘platform’ can offer me the most options to choose from later?"


Alumnus Maarten de Ridder

"Tilburg University’s Bachelor program in Economics is ranked among some of the best programs in Europe. I was drawn by its exclusive focus on economics from the first year on, the modest size of the student-group (allowing room for interaction and personal attention) and large share of students from around the world."


Alumna Nina Bartmann

"Tilburg University has a small and cozy campus. The green area surrounding the campus, the study facilities as well as the many small coffee places on the campus offer great opportunities to hang out with friends while having a break from studying."

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