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Why study BSc Economics in Tilburg?

The world’s economic landscape is constantly changing. Emerging new economies, the dawn of a single European market, the worldwide credit crunch and subsequent plans for new macroeconomic and structural policies by governments worldwide… it’s all happening at a high pace. You can imagine that those who can understand, analyze and forecast the dazzling movements of these market forces are in high demand.

Specialized focus on economics

Economics at Tilburg University will provide you with a solid foundation in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, as well as with specific knowledge in core fields including financial economics, international economics, public sector economics, and development economics. As you will specialize in the field of economics right away, you will be able to delve deeply into the core of this topic. This makes our Economics program stand out from other programs offered at other Dutch universities, where a combination of economics and business is the standard.

Stepping stone to a prestigious Master’s program

There is a great need for economists who are able to analyze economic developments, forecast changes, and explain what this means for organizations. With our program in Economics you will get the in-depth preparation you need to thrive in such positions. Our graduates have been accepted for prestigious Master’s programs both in the Netherlands and abroad, which further proves the quality of our program.

Strong reputation

Tilburg University has a longstanding reputation in economic education and research. This is reflected in the program design, curriculum, teaching methodology, as well as in the faculty members themselves, who will inspire you during lectures, tutorials, and one-on-one contact.

Our reputation is also reflected in prominent international rankings, where we continue to hold a strong prosition:

  • # 1 Elsevier 2016 ranking and ‘Top Rated Program’ label in Keuzegids 2017
  • # 11 in the world in Economics & Business according to the THE University Rankings (2016)
  • # 50 in Economics & Econometrics according to the QS World University Rankings (2017)
  • # 29 (World) in the UT Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Ranking (2015)

Economics is a top-rated program!

Based on high student satisfaction scores in a large survey among students in the Netherlands as well as excellent results in official accreditations, the Economics program was awarded the special quality label ‘Top Rated Program’ in the Netherlands in the Keuzegids 2018, for the fifth year in a row. This means that the Economics program in Tilburg is once more considered the best in its discipline and is one of the strongest overall programs in higher education in the Netherlands.

Why Economics?

Perhaps you’ve taken Economics in school already, so you are familiar with the topic. Perhaps it is completely new to you. But did you know that Economics deals with a range of different questions and topics? That it can be applied in numerous different ways? That with a degree in Economics, you can end up in a range of different careers? Have a look at this video, which was produced by the American Economic Association. It might help you see economics in a different light, and maybe even spark your interest!