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Application and admission for LLB Global Law

The Bachelor Global Law offers you an education in a small group, where it is easy to approach the teacher and work together with your fellow students. Students from all over the globe are eligible to be admitted, and as such the aim is to create a truly multicultural classroom. A group of like-minded students who are ambitious and globally oriented will come together in the Global Law program.

How do I apply for Global Law?

Applying for the Global Law program is possible between October 10, 2018 and May 1, 2019.

All students must go through an application and selection procedure before joining the program. This procedure ensures all students' backgrounds, profiles and ambitions meet our requirements. All applicants are assessed fairly and impartially using the same assessment criteria.

Are you a Dutch student with a Dutch high school and/or university diploma? Please go to our Dutch admissions page for further assistance.

Please note that Global Law offers two entry points: regular and fast track entry.

Apply for regular entry into the Global Law program

If you are a secondary school student looking to enroll in the Bachelor’s program, you apply as a regular applicant.

Apply for regular entry

Apply for fast track entry into the Global Law program

Do you already have a degree? With your existing Bachelor’s or Master’s degree you can ask to enter the fast track. We call this graduate entry. In this case, you would be exempted from a number of courses to the extent of one year of study. If this situation applies to you, apply as a graduate entrant.

Apply for fast track