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Student Lovisa Yrbäck

"University is where dreams come to be put into work, to later proceed into reality."

foto Lovisa Yrback
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • Bachelor's program: Global Law
  • Started in: 2016
  • Extracurricular activities: Ambassador for Tilburg University
  • High school diploma: Swedish high school diploma. Social science programme, specialization in behavioural science. With 2 added courses; English level 7 and Italian level 3.
  • Languages: Swedish and English

Did you always know what you wanted to do?

Yes, as a matter of fact I have had the same answer since I was 10 years old. While most of my friends answered that they wanted to become actors, models or something else that you see in the magazines. I answered business lawyer “or something with law”, to people’s surprise I may add. It is something special with knowing that you can be a part of forming the world around you, the law that governs all of us, instead of just being a subject to it.

Why did you reach the decision to study Global law?

As I mentioned, I knew quite early what field I wanted to study. One of many reasons that made Tilburg University and Global law ideal for me, was that I don’t need to decide that “something like it” now, I can take my bachelor in law, and still have all doors open. Cooperative business lawyer or an attorney for children’s rights? I don’t have the answer this early on in life, so having the option to decide that later, is a perfect solution for me.

What is it like to study completely in English, together with international students? Was the transition from high school difficult?

To my surprise the transition was not that hard, when you live and breathe English form morning to evening, you get used to it rather quickly. Studying in a language that is not your native language has its difficulties, but everything is manageable if you want it. The question is simple; do you value it more then you fear the obstacles?

What sort of teaching styles do you encounter in your programme, can you say something about it?

Depending on the subject you will have different ways of preparing for the lectures. Some courses have seminars which requires you to prepare special questions or assignments, and interact with your fellow class mates. Others can be pop quizzes, unexpected or planned. The key is to makes sure you have done the reading properly.

What sort of student is a great fit for your program? And who is absolutely not?

To manage this programme you need to have a high level of self-discipline, patience for reading and a whole lot of will-power. It is a demanding program, which requires a passion for law. If you are not prepared to give it your all, it is wiser to focus on another discipline.

Do your studies take a lot of time? Do you have any time for activities besides your studies?

Yes and yes! The studies are time consuming, every lecture you have involves around 30 - 40 pages to read up on.

If you plan your time efficiently with a good study technique, you will have time for other activities, such as cleaning, grocery shopping and sleeping….. No I am just joking, time for travelling and sports exists. The important thing is to not lose focus on what you are doing or why you are doing it. What you will have time for depends solely on you, it becomes what you make out of it.

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