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Program in Global Law

Welcome to the new way of learning law! The world is changing fast. Businesses are shifting their horizons and going abroad. Many companies relocate their supply chains, and businesses expand to foreign markets or try their hand at the international stock market. But what are the implications of these changes for the legal arena?

Putting global before local

The Bachelor’s program in Global Law offers a new point of view when it comes to law: it puts ‘global’ before ‘local’. Global Law goes beyond the limits of one jurisdictional system and allows you to integrate knowledge from different research fields when you tackle an assignment. This type of broad knowledge is essential when you work in an organization where legal cases can involve a range of different jurisdictions, perspectives and solutions.

The program teaches all of the main legal topics found in traditional legal education, such as contract law, tort law, criminal law, property law, and constitutional law. What makes Global Law unique, however, is that these topics are approached from a global perspective.

Becoming a global lawyer

You will gain academic depth and develop the practical skills to help you approach transnational conflicts from a global perspective. You will learn to refer to not just one specific national legal system, but to also consider solutions from other jurisdictions or from international law. The program will help you gain a broader understanding of the function, basic principles, and core areas of law. At the same time it also provides you with the unique skills of a global lawyer, which are more and more in demand in a globalizing world. When you graduate, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB).

Want to get a glimpse of the program? We have two virtual lectures available to you:

Regular or fast track

Did you know that with a Bachelor's degree, you may be able to finish the program in two years instead of three? Students who have a Bachelor’s degree from a different field of study, such as sociology, economics, liberal arts and sciences, or philosophy, can apply for the Global Law fast track. Depending on the degree that you have already obtained, you may be exempted from a number of courses offered in the first year of Global Law. Effectively, this means that you could finish the program in just two years’ time.

Global Law at a glance

Bachelor's programGlobal Law
DegreeLLB - Bachelor of Law
InstituteTilburg Law School
Full time / part timeFull time
Program startLast week of August
Full programRegular track: 36 months (three years),
fast track: 24 months / 2 years
ECTS earnedRegular track: 180 ECTS,
fast track: 120 ECTS
Language of instructionEnglish
SelectionYes, see 'Admission and application' for procedure
Binding Study Advice after the first year?Yes, gain at least 42 ECTS within the first 12 months
Diploma requirementsVWO-diploma or a foreign equivalent
(check diplomas which make you eligible),
Academic Bachelor's degree
Application deadline 1 May

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