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Program in BSc Global Management of Social Issues

This multidisciplinary program in the social sciences has a strong focus on complex questions that are relevant to today’s societies in an increasingly global world.

Challenge yourself

The Bachelor’s program in Global Management of Social Issues (GMSI) includes human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology. It is therefore perfect for highly-motivated students who are interested in the field of social sciences and who are aware that many complex issues in today’s society ask for a multidisciplinary approach. It is also perfect for students who are up for an intellectual challenge and who want to find an internationally-oriented job that combines all three specializations.

This multidisciplinary program will enhance and broaden your analytical skills. Moreover, the international classroom setting will provide you with exposure to both national and international perspectives on complex global challenges. The lively discussions in the lecture room, composed of internationally-minded students with diverse backgrounds and nationalities, often stimulates enthusiastic and all-round debates after class.

Working on wicked problems

One of the main focuses in this program will be on ‘wicked problems’. These are societal or cultural issues or challenges that are highly resistant to resolution, for example climate change, the use of renewable or non-renewable energy, the aging workforce, poverty, and sustainable consumption. You will learn why wicked problems are important, why solutions to these complex issues and challenges cannot be found easily and within one specialization, and what possible organizational responses to these problems exist. 

In courses such as International Organizations, Strategic Human Resource Management, and International Law you will gain academic knowledge and develop the practical skills needed to approach these social challenges from a cross-cultural and comparative perspective.

Want to know more? Learn more about the program by following a video presentation by Dr. Joerg Raab, Program Director of the Bachelor’s program in Global Management of Social Issues.

Global Management of Social Issues is a three-year Bachelor’s program. When you graduate, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc).

Brigitte Kroon, lecturer and researcher at the Department of Human Resource Studies

"I am convinced that society needs people who can back up their opinions about solutions for the world’s wicked problems with sound research and knowledge. My own professional interest concerns the wicked problem of offering decent employment to all employees in the ever increasing competitive global economic environment. In my classes, we discuss how research and theory relate to real-life cases."

Federica Angeli, associate professor

"I firmly believe that inclusive business models and innovative (inter-)organizational strategies are crucial in tackling complex societal issues, such as poverty and health inequities. We need a multilevel and multidisciplinary approach to understand drivers and consequences of inclusive business ventures, to make sure they thrive worldwide and accomplish their full potential."

Global Management of Social Issues at a glance

Bachelor's program BSc Global Management of Social Issues
CROHO-code 50754 (Organization Studies/Organisatiewetenschappen):
please make sure to apply for the BSc Organization Studies/
Organisatiewetenschappen when submitting your
application in Studielink
Degree Bachelor of Science
Institute Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Full time / part time Full time
Program start End of August
Duration of full program 36 months (three years)
ECTS earned 180
Language of instruction English
Selection Yes, please see Admission and application
for application procedure
Diploma requirements Dutch VWO diploma or an international equivalent,
please check which diplomas meet
our admission requirements
Application deadline May 1 for non-EEA and EEA nationals