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Human Resource Studies: People Management

Study the management of people at work by combining insights from psychology, sociology, economics and management studies.

What is Human Resource Studies?

  • In this program, you will study the human side of business (people management). You will focus on the performance and efficiency of organizations as well as the well-being of employees.

  • People, work and management issues are approached from different disciplinary perspectives: psychology, sociology, economics and management studies.

  • The program offers a strong interaction between academic approaches and real world problems. You will be trained to take evidence-based management decisions.

  • Human Resource Studies: People Management has an international orientation, with an emphasis on the European context. This is reflected in the choice and content of the cases that you will study in the courses.

  • The program has strong links with large internationally operating companies.

What can you do after Human Resource Studies?

Graduates of Human Resource Studies: People Management have various job options, such as management trainee, junior policy advisor or recruiter. At a later stage in your career, you will grow into more strategic roles such as HR Manager, HR Specialist, consultant, senior policy advisor or researcher.

Following your Bachelor's program, you can also continue towards a Master's degree. You can opt for a mono-disciplinary degree or continue with a multidisciplinary degree. The mobility window will enable you to prepare for the Master’s program of your choice.

Why study Human Resource Studies in Tilburg?

  • Become familiar with disciplines such as psychology, sociology, economics and management studies, which contribute to the study of people management and organizational problems.

  • Focus on social sciences and organizational issues, while also acquiring HR analytics skills, which are important in the current field of Human Resource Management.

  • Get a thorough introduction to the basics of methods and statistics similar to any TSB social science program.

  • Use your curriculum choices and mobility window to prepare for a Master’s program of your choice in one of the supporting disciplines and multidisciplinary programs.

Curriculum of Human Resource Studies

Tuition fees and monthly cost of living

  • Tuition fee for EU/EEA students: € 2,060 per year.
  • Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA students: € 8,500 per year. One time immigration fees: € 317.

Life in Tilburg is relatively inexpensive compared to other student cities in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht. The overview below gives an indication for your monthly cost of living (including rent, food and drink, books and insurance), of course depending on your lifestyle.

Cost of living in Tilburg

The tuition fees mentioned above are the tuition fees for 2018-2019. Please note that this is an indication, slight differences in the exact tuition fees are possible.

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