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Career perspective after International Business Administration

After you have completed International Business Administration, you will have a wide range of career options. You can choose, for example, to pursue a Master's degree or to enter the job market.

Pursuing a Master’s degree

After graduation, most students opt to pursue a Master's degree. With a Tilburg University Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration, you can be sure that prestigious Master's programs all over the world are within your reach.

Starting your professional career

There are several areas in which graduates can start their professional career. Graduates can obtain, for example, general management jobs in business administration. Other areas in which graduates can qualify for management jobs are related to the key areas in International Business Administration: marketing, corporate finance, accounting, and management and organization.

More specific examples of career opportunities are international management traineeships, international marketing and sales, international business consultancy, international financial management, and supranational government positions. Of course you can also decide to take your academic skills to the next level and pursue a PhD.

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