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Make the most of International Business Administration

At Tilburg University, you can hone your skills through a range of extracurricular activities and opportunities outside the classroom.

You can, for example, participate in our exciting and challenging on top programs, or take an internship and gain work experience in your field of interest. You can also broaden your horizon by following workshops or trainings, participate in the Personal Development Plan program, or by becoming an active member in a study association.

Personal Development Plan

Studying at a university is more than just gaining knowledge, it is also about character building and improving both your personal and professional skills. Within the program of International Business Administration, you can choose to pay extra attention to your personal development via the Personal Development program. 

What can you expect?

The Personal Development Plan focuses on identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and on providing ways to optimize and capitalize on your skills and capabilities. In short, a Personal Development Plan is an ongoing process of identifying where you stand, where you would like to be in the future, and taking actions in order to achieve your goals and reflecting on your progress.

  • At the start of your study program you can choose to participate in the Personal Development Plan program. Within this program, you are challenged to develop your vision on what you want to achieve during your studies and beyond, and to also develop an action plan on how to reach these goals. During the entire process, you will get support and feedback from student mentors. At the end of the first year year, you will reflect on what you have achieved and formulate a new plan for next year.
  • In the second year of your studies, the course Professional Skills will help you develop the skills you need for a successful academic and professional career: writing a motivation letter, developing your CV, job interviews, teamwork and effective leadership. Your skills will be evaluated in various ways (talent checks, SWOT analyses, workshops, elevator pitches and much more), and alumni will give feedback about your progress.
  • In the third year, the focus will be even more on developing professional skills within the ‘mobility window’. In the first semester of the third year, you can choose between three options:
    • Going on an international exchange to one of Tilburg University’s partner universities across the globe
    • Complete an internship at an international company
    • Follow one of the many minor programs at Tilburg University

It is up to you to decide whether you want to participate in the Personal Development Plan program or not.

Honors Programs

Discourses on Europe / Honors Program

If you are interested in an even greater intellectual challenge, or the chance to broaden your scientific knowledge, you have the opportunity to take part in the Discourses on Europe / Honors Program. This is a supplementary program consisting of eight courses (four of which can be chosen by the participant) and which leads to a Tilburg University Honours Certificate in addition to your Bachelor's degree qualification.

Outreaching Honors

Program Demonstrate your motivation, ambition, and sense of social responsibility with the Outreaching Honors Program - an opportunity for students to make a real contribution to society while expanding their own career prospects. Outreaching is a two-year university-wide, supplemental Bachelor’s program that helps to develop sustainable leadership and personal skills. Master classes with industry professionals, lab sessions supervised by notable professors, internships and team activities (which include a study trip) are just part of what you can expect from this program.

Additional Courses & Workshops

Language vouchers & exchange opportunities

All bachelor students receive free language course vouchers worth a total of 12 ECTS. These vouchers allow you to attend language courses two language courses worth 6 ECTS each, or one language course worth 12 ECTS each at the Language Center. Courses include Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, German, French, English and Dutch. Your ability to speak another language will be invaluable on an international exchange semester - not to mention in any future career.

Training courses & workshops

Besides your regular curriculum, you can enhance your skills with a variety of courses and workshops offered by the Student Desk or additional training courses offered by Career Services. Some of these are "How to find a job in The Netherlands (for non-Dutch students)", a Linkedin workshop, an Intercultural Communication workshop, amongst others.

Culture & Sports

Symposia and debates

Academic Forum organizes symposia, debates and small-scale exchanges focusing on scientific, social and ideological issues throughout the year.

Cultural associations and places

There are a number of cultural associatons and places dedicated to theater, drama, musical foundation. Furthermore, Tilburg University also provides spaces for performances and rehearsals, and it also provides a music room with a piano which can be freely used.


Tilburg University's Sports Centre has been ranked the best sport centre in The Netherlands by students. By paying a small fee , you have access to a wide range of sport activities such as aerobics and dance, boxing and martial arts, ball sports, water, snow and ice sports, amongst many others. You can also join a sports association and participate in competitions.


If you aspire to start your own company either now or in the future, Tilburg University offers you many ways to advance your entrepreneurial skills and ambitions. There’s relevant and specific courses; access to Starterslift, an organization that functions exclusively to help start-ups bring their products or services to market; the chance to rent an office via the Business Centre; and even an Academic Business Club where you can exchange experiences and best practices with fellow student entrepreneurs.

Student participation in decision-making

Tilburg University is home to every kind of society and association: student associations, unions, arts and culture clubs, sports clubs, student politics or philosophical societies, umbrella organisations, associations with specific objectives such as social services or book purchases. There are many ways and places in which you can become active; the following are some options:

Jobs, Internships & Volunteering Work

While it is important to note that Tilburg University does NOT assist students in finding jobs, students seeking work opportunities (part-time jobs, internships, entry-level jobs) could find the following information useful. Please note: the number of jobs open to non-Dutch speaking students is limited.

Part-time jobs

Learn more about finding part-time work:

For non-EU citizens

Internships and entry-level jobs

Learn more about finding an internship during or after your studies:

Dutch-speaking students should also have a look at the following websites:

Volunteering services

Learn more about opportunities for doing volunteering work.

Tilburg University Summer School

Tilburg University Summer School: your perfect start in Tilburg. Before starting your studies in September, you will have the opportunity to take interesting and intensive high-quality courses combined with a fun-packed social program to discover the Dutch culture and the city of Tilburg.

Make the most of your summer

  • You gain academic advantage and improve your language skills by following one of the many language courses.
  • You can start your academic career by getting familiar with Dutch culture and exploring student life in Tilburg.
  • You will meet new people from all over the world.
  • You can use your language vouchers to finance the biggest part of your Dutch, English, Spanish or Chinese summer course.
  • By participating in these courses, you can obtain official credits (2 to 8 ECTS).
  • You can participate in our Summer School now or later, it is also open for students of our university!
Summer School student Maria Alejandra Arévalo

Student Maria Alejandra Arévalo, Colombia

“A fascinating way to improve my learning experience.”

Do you want to learn Dutch or improve your English? Or have you always wanted to learn Spanish or Chinese? Then follow one of our language courses! For students who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s program, it is also possible to attend the other courses offered by the Summer School. If you want to deepen your knowledge in a particular domain, you can follow a thematic course in the field of Economics, Law, Management & Organization and Psychology.

Social program

Besides first-rate interactive courses, Tilburg University Summer School includes a fun packed social program offering you a large number of activities, such as city trips, sports, diners and parties. During the social program you have the opportunity to get to know students from different countries and cultures. Develop your intercultural skills and start to create your international network during this amazing summer experience

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