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Program in International Business Administration

The Bachelor’s program in International Business Administration is the ultimate preparation for an international management career, providing you with a wealth of knowledge across all the main fields of business and management.

Core areas of business administration

The program focuses on the four core areas of business administration: marketing, management, accounting, and finance. The first two years of the program offer foundational courses about all aspects of an international organization. You will develop business skills such as teamwork, communication, writing and reporting, and entrepreneurship. In the third year, you will choose a specialized topic that you can study abroad during an exchange or that you can explore as part of your Bachelor’s thesis.

Culture and ethics

Understanding and dealing with cultural differences are part of the program as well, as these are vital skills for doing business on a global scale. Ethics in business also plays an important role in the program, as this will help you understand how a company or organization can operate in a sustainable manner with regard to its employees and the environment.

International learning experience

The Bachelor’s program in International Business Administration also offers a unique international learning experience: fellow students from all over the world, an international teaching staff, international study trips, and courses with a global perspective.

Solid academic foundation

To provide you with a solid academic foundation, the program is designed to help you develop your ability to logically deconstruct theories and conduct scientific research, and to sharpen your analytical skills, which you will learn to apply to real-life problems. This is the essential preparation you need for making a successful start in your career.

Maximum individual attention

In the International Business Administration program, class sizes are kept small to allow for maximum individual attention. You will examine case studies and analyze research findings, and you are expected to participate in class debates and analyses of the materials you encounter.

International Business Administration at a glance

NameInternational Business Administration
SchoolTilburg School of Economics and Management
StartEnd of August
Deadline for applicationJanuary 15th, 2018
Numerus fixusYes
DurationThree years
TitleBachelor of Science (BSc)

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