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Why study International Business Administration in Tilburg?

Studying the Bachelor’s program in International Business Administration at Tilburg University prepares you for a career in business organizations. The program provides you with a solid foundation in the four core pillars of international business: marketing, management, accounting, and finance. The program is designed to stimulate your ability to think and act effectively when working in organizations of different shapes and sizes.

In the first two years of the program, you will focus on the four core areas of international business to gain the essential skills necessary for working in such a dynamic environment. You will work on your communication skills, networking, teamwork, systematic research, planning, writing, reporting, and entrepreneurship. The third year of the program offers a more focused approach, as you will then specialize in a topic of your choice.

Focus on international aspects

International Business Administration prepares you for an international career in a multinational company or as an entrepreneur. You will gain all the essential skills needed to thrive in an international business environment, both in large-scale and small-scale companies. For this reason, international aspects of business are distinctive characteristics of the program. This international component can be found in the content of the courses, but also in the international classroom setting and in the opportunity to go abroad on an exchange.

Working in small groups, you will learn to manage the differences between you and your teammates in order to complete assignments and prepare presentations. The fact that your fellow students come from all around the world makes this a cross-cultural exercise. You will also discover the differences between business ideologies in various world regions, and how these differences impact everything from communication to perspectives on trade.

One of the key courses in which you can practice these intercultural skills is ‘Project IBA’. Together with a group of fellow students you will work on a real challenge that a company is facing. You will write your findings in a research report, which will be used by the company to help solve their challenge.

Leaders in economics and business

At Tilburg University, you don’t have to worry about the quality of education. We are leaders in the field of economics and business, something which is reflected in national and international rankings:

  • #1 Elsevier 2016 and Keuzegids 2017 ranking (shared position)
  • # 11 in the world in Economics & Business according to the THE University Rankings (2016)
  • # 47 in Economics & Econometrics according to the QS World University Rankings (2016)
  • # 29 (World) in the UT Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Ranking (2015)

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