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Curriculum of Bsc International Sociology

First year

In the first year, you will lay the foundation for your further studies in International Sociology. Besides introductory courses in sociology, you will follow introductory courses in other disciplines that have common ground with sociology: political science, psychology and economics. You will also learn more about academic skills and research methods.

You will finish the first year by conducting exploratory sociological research in which you will put into practice what you have learned (course: ‘Research in Social Problems’). You will do your research in small groups focusing on a research theme of your choice which you will present during the student research symposium.

Second year

In the second year, you will choose a major consisting of four substantive courses, exploratory sociological research, an internship and a Bachelor's thesis. You can choose from:

In addition to your major, you will focus on the philosophy of science and follow three courses in methods and research. In this way, you will learn how to conduct qualitative and quantitative social science research.

You will finish the second year with exploratory sociological research of your choice in the field of your major. You will present your research during the student research symposium.

Semester 1 (September – January)
Semester 2 (January – June)

Third year

The third year leaves room for your interests, ambitions and talents. In the first semester, you will choose a number of minor courses and electives:

  • Sociological minor, in which you follow three out of four substantive courses from another major;
  • Minor in another discipline, for example in psychology, social psychology, organization studies or research methods;
  • Free minor, in which you choose your own courses within or outside Tilburg University (courses at a university abroad are also possible).

Additionally, in the third year you will do a mandatory internship that allows you to practice your skills. To conclude your studies, you will write a Bachelor's thesis. Both your internship and Bachelor’s thesis will be in the field of your major.

Semester 1 (September – January)
Semester 2 (January – June)