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What our students and alumni say about Liberal Arts and Sciences

Why did our students choose Liberal Arts and Sciences at Tilburg University? What is student life in Tilburg really like? Are the courses difficult? Our students and alumni are more than happy to share their experiences with you. What do they think of  Liberal Arts and Sciences and their studies at Tilburg University?

foto Johanna Burkert

Student Johanna Bürkert

"A friend told me about Liberal Arts and the flexibility it offers. I decided give it a try since I am broadly interested and good at many things, but don’t have that one thing I wanted to base my later career life on."


Student Zhasmina Kostadinova (major Law in Europe)

"I was in a highly motivated academic environment and that helped me tremendously in terms of my personal and professional development. Learning to think critically motivated me to discover something new every day in order to improve myself."

foto Laura Martens

Student Laura Martens

"I went to Japan for half a year and it’s safe to say I had the best time of my life (I know how cliché this sounds, but it’s a cliché for a reason). I feel that LAS really prepared me to live in another country for a semester, as I was used to study in an international environment."

Student Sabine van Sprang LAS

Student Sabine van Sprang

"This exchange has been a rollercoaster for me. I had both good times and bad ones. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for this experience!"


Student Kelly van Gils (major Business and Management)

"It is not only the program of Liberal Arts and Sciences that influenced my perceptions, but also the amazing people I met and became friends with during my study. The program teaches about all different kind of academic disciplines and issues. The persons let me become familiar with different cultures and approaches. As in the study of Liberal Arts and Sciences these two things are at once combined, the interdisciplinary and international approach that Tilburg University wants to reach is complete. "

foto interview Julia Kannengiesser

Student Julia Kannengieser

"Take this opportunity to widen your academic and personal horizon as it will only serve you well in the future."

Student Igor Voicenica

"I was interested in many fields and wanted to get to know most of them but could not figure out to which area I should devote myself. However, one aim was predetermined – to acquire a bachelor’s degree abroad. I saw it as an opportunity not only to study and gain quality knowledge and skills, but also to live independently, broaden my horizons, meet new people, and explore the world. "

Student Dama Sathianathan

"Studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at Tilburg University broadens the horizon."

Student Claudia Egher

"Paraphrasing Nichita (a modern Romanian poet), the Liberal Arts and Sciences program is like a Sunday. A Sunday with important guests, brought together from all over the world around a veritable feast table, with meals prepared with utmost care and dedication by true maestros of the culinary arts. To all those who wish to satisfy their hunger for knowledge: bon appétit!"

Student Wanja Amling

"Being on an international exchange semester is just like one long breath with countless memories, deep impressions, shaping and changing you in a manner you only start to realize after being back."

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