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After your Bachelor's in Online Culture: Art, Media and Society

When you have obtained your Bachelor's degree, you can enter the job market straight away. However, your chances in the job market will increase considerably if you also obtain a Master's degree. At Tilburg University we offer a number of unique Master’s programs in the field of Culture Studies.

MA in Art, Media and Society

In the Master’s program in Art, Media and Society you study the transformations of cultural products as a result of digitalization and globalization. Central questions are: How can art reshape the public sphere? How does digitalization shape relationships between artists, intellectuals and audiences? What is the role of media in shaping understandings of ‘public’ and ‘private’?

MA in Global Communication

The Master’s program in Global Communication focuses on communication challenges in times of globalization and super diversity. In this program you will study the phenomena to which globalization gives rise, the way in which people acquire and use the communication skills needed to succeed, the roles which education and policy-making play in this process, and how contact between cultures or subcultures affects the people concerned.

MA in Management of Cultural Diversity

What happens when people with different cultural identities and backgrounds work together in organizations and society? What can be done to improve their cooperation? In the Master’s program in Management of Cultural Diversity you will learn how to analyze cases of cultural diversity in organizations and societal fields. You will also learn how to design management interventions to neutralize risks and how to take advantage of the opportunities stemming from cultural diversity.

MA in Ritual in Society

The multidisciplinary Master’s program in Ritual in Society focuses on ritual dynamics in contemporary Europe with regular forays into their global contexts. The field of Ritual Studies includes disciplines such as cultural memory, media and communication, rites of passage, leisure, material religion, and migration. Ritual in Society can be found at the center of these dynamics.

MA in Youth Literature

How do radical social changes such as digitalization and globalization influence the production, distribution and reception of youth literature? In the Master’s program in Youth Literature (taught in Dutch), you will learn to reflect on current debates in national and international youth literature by using theoretical concepts such as ‘child image’ and ‘adaptation’, and by studying their historical development.

You can also choose a Master’s program in different field of study. In this case, most of the time, you will have to do a pre-Master’s program first (1/2 up to1 year). Of course it is also possible to follow a Master’s program, or a part of it, abroad. Online Culture is an English-taught BA program and thus ideally prepares you for studying abroad.

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