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Curriculum of BSc Online Culture: Art, Media and Society

Year 1

In the first semester, you will follow introductory courses to learn about the different ways in which digitalization and globalization influence art, media and society.

The courses you follow in the first year are for example: Academic English, Digital Culture and Society, Online Culture Seminars, Thinking about Science, Transformations of the Public Sphere, Discourse and Media Theory, Doing Research Methodology, The Ceremonial Society and The Digital Individual.

Knowledge in the Digital World
Cultural Studies: Tutorial Sessions
The Ceremonial Society
Language, Culture and Globalization

Year 2

In the second year you will choose one of the following majors:

  • Digital Media: How do digitalization and globalization influence media, and different aspects of our everyday life?
  • Art in the Public Sphere: How do digitalization and globalization change our way of looking at literature, art and culture?
  • Global Communication: How do digitalization and globalization change our way of communicating?

You can also follow courses from the other majors to broaden your knowledge. You will follow courses such as: Digital Media and Politics, Life Writing: Rousseau to Facebook, Reading and Writing in Online Culture, Communication in Global Settings, Globalization and Religious Diversity, Doing Research: Practice, Language, Learning and Socialization, or The Private Life in a Digital World. Some courses are shared by all students, but most of the courses you will take depend on the Major you choose. 

The Multicultural Individual (for the Major Global Communication)
Media, Globalization and Popular Culture (for the Major Digital Media)
The Truth of Digital Fiction (for the Major Art in the Public Sphere)

Year 3

In the third year, apart from following courses within your major and studying the minor courses of your choice, you will also prepare yourself for your future career by choosing one of two career paths:

  • Within the Entrepreneurship career path, you will complete your program with an internship or a research assignment commissioned by a third party.
  • Within the Research career path, you will work with top researchers in the field of culture studies on a research assignment of your own interest.

Courses in the third year include: Philosophical Perspectives on Art, Media and Society, Entrepreneurship in the Cultural Field or Paradigm Shifts in the Humanities.

Management, Organization and Culture (for the Major Global Communication)
Art and Globalization (for the Major Art in the Public Sphere)
Life Writing, Ritual and Memory (for the Major Digital Media)