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Majors in Online Culture: Art, Media and Society

Within the program you can choose from two following specialization tracks.

Specialize in Art in the Public Sphere

Within the major Art in the Public Sphere, you will study expressions in culture and art in the international and societal context in which they emerge. You will examine the effect of these expressions on the public sphere.

Specialize in Digital Media

Within the major Digital Media, you will learn to analyze and understand our digital culture as a multifaceted phenomenon that, influencesing several spheres and aspects of our lives. You will examine the effects of digitization from the perspectives of the individuals, communities and societies.

Specialize in Global Communication

Within the major Global Communication, you will study the latest developments in international communications. What are the effects of increased mobility and the diversity that goes hand in hand with it? You will learn to critically follow and interpret these developments.

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