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Art in the Public Sphere

Some courses in the major Art in the Public Sphere are only offered in Dutch. This major is thus only available for Dutch-speaking students. However, many of the courses are offered in English. If you are an international student and interested in this major, you can study Art in the Public Sphere courses as part of your minor.

In what kind of society do millions of people watch a commercial TV show like The Voice of Holland whereas only a few people visit exhibitions in renowned museums? How does a reading culture change if there is a shift away from literary novels towards fan fiction on blogs? How can a work of art spark off a broad debate or even social change? These questions are addressed in the Art in the Public Sphere specialization.

Critical interpretation

This specialization gives you insight into the mutual influence of art and media, digital and otherwise. You will study cultural expressions and artistic performances in the international and social contexts in which they  appear. What exactly happens during a particular artistic expression and how does the audience respond? How do artists and reviewers position themselves in the social debate, for instance, when they enter into a discussion on the internet?

Courses in this specialization focus on all kinds of contemporary artistic phenomena: from literary texts to TV shows and video clips, from religious rituals to tattoos, and from museum art to guerrilla architecture. Since this specialization is closely related to Digital Media and Global Communication, you can also choose courses from these two specializations. This means that you can follow your own preferences in choosing your special topics (for instance, mass media or the multicultural society). The point of departure is always the study of artistic objects and their effect in the public sphere.

Is this the right specialization for me?

  • If you enjoy critical discussions on art, the media, and politics.
  • If you enjoy critical discussions on art, the media, and politics.
  • If you are interested in all forms of art, in literature and museums, but also in the artistic elements in TV series, films, or YouTube clips.
  • If you take an interest in the larger context beyond Dutch society and are prepared to debate in English in an international group of students.
  • If you want to become the opinion leader of the future, able to provide well-founded critical opinions in columns or on blogs or similar forums.

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