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Specialize in Digital Media

What does it mean that we nowadays rely on social media as a main source of news and information? How do digital media shape popular culture and fandom? What does it mean that we leave digital traces of ourselves online, collected by companies and governments? The specialization Digital Media focuses on these and other questions related to the effects of digitalization on different aspects of our lives.

Critical interpretation

Within the major Digital Media, you will learn to analyze and understand how digitalization influences several spheres and aspects of our lives. You will examine the shape and uses of online, digital media and understand them from the perspective of individuals, communities and societies. Some examples of the types of questions addressed are:

  • How do digital media influence the way we organize our everyday lives?
  • How do we participate as citizens in the digital society, and how does the internet change political participation?
  • How do digital media influence our understanding of what is ‘public’ and what is ‘private’ in our own and in other people’s lives?
  • How do changes in the shape of media influence how we communicate and present ourselves to others, and form connections and communities?

Is this the right specialization for me?

  •  If you want to understand how the shape of media influences how and what we communicate
  •  If you want to be able to critically evaluate social and political aspects of digital culture 
  • If you would like to work in the future in the field of (digital) media, for instance as an editor, media literacy educator, or media and communication advisor

Then you have found the right program for your Bachelor studies.

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