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Why study Online Culture: Art, Media and Society in Tilburg?

Online Culture: Art, Media and Society is a unique, international program in the Netherlands. You will enjoy small-scale teaching, challenging courses and develop good academic communication skills. You will also learn about online writing and publishing and how to communicate to broader audiences by writing for our own online magazine Diggit.

Student Aurelie van 't Slot

"This study program has taught me to think about the increasing digitization and globalization. It is fascinating how strongly these developments affect our society and cultural expressions."

Language and research skills

Within the program a lot of attention is paid to academic skills: you will learn to read, write and speak English at an academic level. You will learn to communicate ideas clearly and effectively and develop your own critical voice.

You will also learn to communicate to a broader audience and how to reach audiences online. To develop these skills, you will have the opportunity to publish in the online magazine Diggit, our students’ own online platform. While writing for Diggit you will also learn about, for example, (online) editing, fact-checking, and content sharing. These are useful skills considering your future career perspectives.

You will also learn how to do systematic research, and to reflect on science and its role in society.

Working on your future

Various courses focus on career orientation. You will learn how to apply scientific knowledge to, for example, education, or to a job as a journalist or beginning entrepreneur. In the third year you will choose between two career paths; the Entrepreneurship path leads to a career in the public or commercial sector and the Research path leads to an academic or another kind of research career. You can also choose to complete your program with an internship.

Individual attention and feedback

Our program offers small-scale teaching. This means that there is plenty of room for interaction, tutoring and feedback. You will attend classes in groups of 15 to 50 students on average. During classes you will also actively participate in discussions. You will thus learn to develop and express your own critical voice. Our compact Tilburg campus makes it easy to get to know your teachers, fellow students, and both Dutch and international students from other programs.

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