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Frequently asked questions about Psychology in Tilburg

How many days a week do you follow classes?

Lectures take place from Monday to Friday, but not necessarily every day. Bear in mind that you will have classes two to four days a week. There are approximately 12 to 14 contact hours per week, depending on the number of courses you follow. The year is divided into study periods (‘blocks’) and semesters.

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Are there any part-time programs?

The program in Psychology is only offered as a full-time program without evening classes.

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Do psychologists have tough jobs?

A profession in psychology is just as tough as any other occupation that requires an academic degree. Do keep in mind that you never stop studying after graduation, as there are often additional courses to be followed. In addition, you should keep up with professional literature. Psychologists are involved in giving advice on all sorts of problems with and forms of behavior. But it’s not always about people with serious problems.

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Do you need mathematics to study Psychology?

Statistics play an important role in the program. Nowadays, all pre-university (VWO) students study mathematics as part of their curriculum. As a result, they have had more practice with an analytical way of thinking. This helps a lot in the course on Statistics.

Students with a pre-university (VWO) diploma who have graduated without mathematics I/II or A/B, as well as students with a first-year diploma (propedeuse) or a diploma of a University of Applied Sciences who have not graduated in mathematics at a pre-university (VWO) level, can follow a course in mathematics before enrolling as a student at the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

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