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Curriculum of BSc Psychology

The Bachelor’s program in Psychology at Tilburg University has a flexible curriculum. This entails the following:

  • In the second and third year, you choose a major and a minor from nine fields of specialization. All combinations are possible, so you can choose a combination that best suits your ambitions.
  • Normally, you start with your major in the second year, followed by your minor. However, if you discover during the second year that you want to focus on a different area, you can change the major of your choice into a minor. You will then first take your minor, followed by a major, without any study delay.

First year

In the first general year of your Bachelor's program, you are introduced to all of the interesting focus areas that form the essential basis for your future program in psychology. This will help you to make a choice from the majors and minors that you will further explore.

First-year courses are:

Experimental Psychology
Introduction to Psychology and History of Psychology
Introduction to Research Methodology
Academic Skills
Brain and Behavior
Psychology of Personality
Social Psychology
Philosophy for Psychologists
Introduction to Statistics
Developmental Psychology

Second year

In addition to a number of advanced courses and statistics courses, in the second year you will choose a unique major that forms the core of your future program. You will follow a specialization course in each study period, learn professional skills in the major of your choice, and conduct supervised research in small groups.

The advanced courses in Biological Psychology, Cultural Psychology, and Sociology will put your first-year knowledge in a broader context. The statistics courses in Test Theory and Psycho Diagnostics, Correlational Research Methods, and Experimental Research Methods will deepen your methodological and statistical knowledge.

In addition, you will choose one of following nine majors at Tilburg University:

These majors provide you with a unique curriculum and prepare you for your final Bachelor’s year and subsequent Master’s programs.

Third year

In the third year, you will conclude your major with a course that focuses on professional practice. After finishing your major, you will individually shape your program by choosing a minor and two electives.

At the beginning of your third year, you will follow the last course in the field of statistics, which is focused on applying all the acquired knowledge in research practice. You then choose your minor (3 courses) from one of the nine areas of specialization.

You will also choose two optional subjects in the area of your interest. These can be courses from the program in Psychology as well as courses outside of the program. You can also follow your minor or electives abroad or at another School of Tilburg University. You will conclude your program with a Bachelor's thesis in the field of your major.