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Why study Public Governance in Tilburg?

The Bachelor Public Governance stands out for various reasons:

  • The Bachelor Public Governance at Tilburg University combines insights from Public Administration with insights from Law and Economics. Tilburg University has a very strong reputation in Law and Economics and Management. The best of our university, thus, is brought together in this Bachelor's program.
  • Throughout the three years of the Bachelor, insights from all disciplines continue to be integrated. Instead of asking you to focus on either law, public administration, or economics, we believe that the key lies in the combination of them all. That is why the program entails a series of integrative courses, where you combine and confront insights from the three constitutive disciplines.
  • The program has a strong connection to real societal issues, and studies the role of public and private institutions in dealing with those issues. In a series of Governance Clinics, you will work on real-life governance challenges that are derived from practice. The program includes a series of field trips and guest lectures, as well as an internship. Also, you will also execute actual research projects by order of a government authority or a consultancy firm. You will benefit from the strong analytical foundations provided by our excellent research and teaching staff, while acquiring skills that can be applied in real-world situations.
  • Within the bachelor of Public Governance, you will encounter state of the art teaching methods, such as simulation games, experiments and governance clinics. You will also participate in a collaborative online course that brings together students from five international universities in a digital learning environment. A truly international learning experience!

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