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Explore our beautiful campus during a tour!

Campus tour

Take a walk around our campus with a student and find out what a typical day in his or her student life looks like. Our student will show you the library, different buildings and of course the best places to eat and relax. For example, during spring the University park is a popular plate to unwind or study at.

Sports Center tour

Especially for students who love to exercise, we offer a tour through our Sports Center. The Sports Center offers you the newest equipment and facilities.

The Sports Center offers among others two large sports halls, three fitness areas (including guidance and lifestyle coaching), four squash courts, a spinning- and virtual sports area, a boxing and martial arts area, a sauna, physiotherapy, a sports bar and so much more.

Would you like to know more about the sports program (over 45 different sports for an all-in price of 131 Euros for 12 months) and see the facilities? Then participate in this tour!

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