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Study abroad during Theology

Tilburg University has exchange agreements with many universities within and outside of Europe. The School of Catholic Theology also has a list of specific universities Theology students can go to. It is possible to take courses at our partner universities, for example for your minor.

A valuable experience

Going on exchange is a big adventure: experiencing a whole new culture, language and way of life, including the ways in which different cultures view the world, and even how differently they approach university education. Immersing yourself in a new city with new people and studying at another university is an exciting and educational experience.

When can I go on exchange?

The program in Theology leaves room for following courses abroad. In the second and third year of your studies, you can go to a different country for one or two semesters and follow your electives / minor at another university.

Where can I go?

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology has agreements with for example the following universities:

  • Argentina, Buenos Aires, Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina (UCA)
  • Belgium, Leuven, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • Canada, Waterloo, University of Waterloo
  • Germany, Frankfurt am Main / Wurzburg / Erfurt (three universities)
  • Ireland, Maynooth, St Patrick's College, Maynooth
  • Norway, Oslo, MF Norwegian School of Theology
  • Ukraine, Lviv, Ukrainian Catholic University

Find out where you can go by browsing the list of our catholic universities

Support: before, during and after your exchange

As you might already know: a thorough and well-timed preparation for studying abroad is important. We do not only help you on your way to your preferred destinations, but we also care about the impact of your international experience.  Our Exchange and Study Abroad Advisors will guide you through the process of exploring opportunities, choosing the right destination, application, preparation, and eventually, re-entry into Tilburg student life.

How to apply? Are there any scholarships available to cover a part of the costs? You will find answers to these questions and more information about studying abroad in our Study Abroad section.

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