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Program in Theology

The appeal of theology is that it is a broad and multi-perspective study, with textual, historical, philosophical and sociological approaches. Therefore you will meet a wide range of subjects, e.g. biblical exegesis, history, philosophy, systematic theology, pastoral theology, and world religions.

We offer you our curriculum by using lectures and seminars. You will be solidly trained in reading, writing essays and giving presentations. In order to get access to the Bible and the historical sources from the Christian tradition, we will teach you Hebrew, Greek and Latin. You will then be able to read texts from the Old and New Testament and various texts from the beginning of Christianity to the Second Vatican Council in their original languages.

As a Theology student you will be part of a small and international classroom with students from all over the world and from all kinds of back grounds. Especially in a study such as Theology it is very valuable to work together and learn from each other’s perspectives and at the same time share important values.

Watch our video lectures to get an impression of the many perspectives of studying Theology

Two languages, two cities

This program is offered in two languages. You can follow this program entirely in English (in Tilburg) or entirely in Dutch (in Utrecht).

Since Theology is meant for those who are never done with asking questions and thinking further, you can choose one of our contiguous Master’s programs after completing your bachelor’s degree.

Our school welcomes all students who are interested in theology and like to think existentially about faith and religion!

Theology at a glance

Degree Bachelor of Arts (BA)
School School of Catholic Theology
Registration code (CROHO)56109
Start of program August 2018
Fullt-time/part-time Both
Duration of full program 36 months
Binding study advice 42 ECTS (credits)
Study abroadoptional
Language of instruction Dutch or English

Attractive tuition fee

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology has very attractive tuition fees for its bachelor’s programs. For the academic year 2018-2019 it will be €2060, regardless of your educational or international back ground.

For first-year students in higher education from 2018/2019 academic year, the Dutch government wants to halve tuition fees. The conditions and other information are available on the Dutch Government website.

The TST also has a scholarship available for a student with restricted financial means.

Teaching methods

The program in Theology uses various teaching methods, such as lectures and seminars, practicals, group assignments, and skills training. Examination methods may vary as well, such as multiple-choice and written open-question exams, papers and presentations.

Advice and guidance

Our school is known for its warm community. The academic advisor, the tutors and many others of the academic and support staff are there to help you to succeed and have a good time. The school will provide you with a tutor to assist you in your first year. And throughout the entire bachelor’s program you will be in contact with the academic advisor of Tilburg School of Catholic Theology, who can help you with any questions and problems that are related to your educational program. She can help you with methods of planning or choices for electives or specializations, or in the event of disappointing grades.

At one kilometer from the campus you find the Maranatha Student Church, where university chaplain Fr Michael Peeters is available for a personal talk or just for a cup of coffee. Many nice activities are organised as well at the student chaplaincy.

If you are going to study at Tilburg University, you are never alone. Throughout your period of study you can count on us when it comes to student support.

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