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Curriculum Theology

First year

Your first year will provide a good overview of the various important disciplines in theology, giving you have a reliable picture of the rest of the program.

In the first semester of the first year, you will be introduced to a variety of theological courses, such as biblical studies, philosophy, the history of the Church, and systematic theology.

In the second semester, you will be actively engaging with the thought of philosophers and theologians. You will be thinking about issues in society and faith experiences that have been important in the past and are still so today, and you will be investigating them with an open mind. You will also inquire into and reflect critically on God, faith, humanity and society, and you will be challenged to ask yourself critical questions. Courses in Hebrew, Greek and Latin will be spread out over three years.

Semester 1

  • Introduction to Bible and Exegesis
  • History of Philosophy
  • Greek 1
  • Introduction to the History of Church and Theology
  • Comparative Religion
  • Theological Seminar

Semester 2

  • Fundamental theology and dogmatics
  • Greek 2
  • Biblical Hebrew 1
  • Moral theology: anthropological foundations
  • Introduction to Spirituality
  • Introduction to Pastoral Theology
  • Systematic philosophy

Second and third year

In the second and third year, you’ll be looking more thoroughly at the subjects of the first year, and you’ll start studying Latin. You can also choose electives, which allows you to specialize in your favorite subjects. You can choose electives from the minor programs offered by the School of Catholic Theology, but also from other Schools or universities.

If you want to be awarded a canonical degree, you must opt for a minor offered by the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology.

Second year

Semester 1

  • Greek 3   
  • Biblical Hebrew 2   
  • New Testament: Acts and Epistles
  • Moral Philosophy
  • Moral Theology: Theological Anthropology
  • Sociology of Religion and Psychology of Religion
  • Electives (minor)

Semester 2

  • Latin 1
  • Biblical Hebrew 3
  • Introduction to the Liturgy
  • Old Testament: Psalms
  • Ecclesiology and Sacramental Theology
  • Canon Law Primarily Course
  • Electives (minor)

Third year

Semester 1

  • Latin 2  
  • Introduction to Judaism   
  • New Testament: Synoptic Gospels and Johannine Literature
  • Church History: Middle Ages and Modern History
  • Patristics
  • Philosophy of Religion and Metaphysics
  • Electives (minor)

Semester 2

  • Latin 3
  • Reading Rabbinic texts
  • Bachelor’s Thesis in Theology
  • Old Testament: Torah and Prophetic Literature
  • Theology of God and Christology
  • Electives (minor)

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